Will Avengers: Endgame beat Avatar?

So the latest worldwide box office takings for Avengers: Endgame is $2,694,351,883. Slowly getting closer to the top earning movie ever, Avatar.

It did look like it would beat Avatar no problem after its first weekend on in the cinema and it breaking all sorts of records. Record for opening weekend both in US and worldwide. Fastest to $100m / $150m / $200m / $250m / $300m / $350m / $400m / $450m / $500m. After opening weekend, it earned $1.2 billion globally. It went passed the $2 billion mark at the worldwide box office after just 11 days.

But then, as with most movies, it slowed down. Avatar ended up taking $2,787,965,087. So Avengers: Endgame is $93,713,204 short. Its going to be close if it overtakes Avatar. Last week in the US it took about $30m. This week probably going to be about $20m but has been helped by it being Memorial Day on Monday. It probably depends how long it will still be on in the cinema.

Looking at my local cinema, its down to just 3 screenings next week. Maybe it won’t be on the following week? They won’t be able to show it on as many screens soon because its the “summer blockbuster” movies season. Godzilla: King Of The Monsters was released tonight (31st May) and then X-Men: Dark Phoenix is on from 7th June. (I may have to watch Endgame again next week – before its stopped!). Also, Men in Black: International and Toy Story 4 are released in June so big competition – and then Spider-Man: Far From Home is on start of July. (Maybe Endgame will stop being shown in the cinema just before Spider-Man: Far From Home is released??)

One possible reason for Avengers: Endgame maybe not taking as much money as some thought it may take is the release date. Endgame was always going to be released in the summer – or early summer – but if you compare to Avatar and The Force Awakens (top earning movie ever in the US) which was released during the holiday season in December. The movies were released when there was less competition (January typically is a far less competitive time – compared to the Summer) so people had less choice on what to watch and more people watching Avatar/The Force Awakens multiple times.

The Force Awakens didn’t even drop out of the top 5 in the US until the 9th weekend. Avatar stayed in the top 5 until middle of March. So both were on during less competitive months and also on for a long time. The 6th weekend, Endgame was down to 3rd. Probably will be 4th next week with Godzilla now out. Then 5th following weekend when X-Men is out.

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