Wahaca: Review 🌮

Went to Wahaca couple weeks ago. Never actually been but it was on my list to visit, ever since it opened in Corn Exchange. Even though it is a “chain”, I like Mexican food and the person who is behind it won Masterchef years ago and there most be a reason why she has several branches of Wahaca around the country (I think about 27) and they have been around for more than 10 years.

We decided to order a few things each and basically share. The friendly, helpful waitress, suggested how many of the different types of items to get per person. We got mostly tacos and was suggested to get either 2 each (plus a side) or 3 each.

We had:

Overall they all tasted good. I am not that big a fan of plantain so it just tasted OK. Also, I thought I didn’t like black beans (I like the ones you have in Chinese dishes – the fermented dried ones) but I really liked the quesadillas. Maybe it was the combination with the cheese.

The tacos were good – my favourite was the buttermilk chicken ones.

(I didn’t specifically say anything about coriander so luckily it was just mostly on the top of the tacos – and not too much. Phew!).

Here is the menu:

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