The Italian Fish Club restaurant – review

I was in Liverpool over the weekend and for our evening meal, we went to The Italian Club Fish restaurant. Its been ages since I have been on Bold St (or surrounding streets) in ages – I really liked how they were so many independent food places. For lunch and for a snack, we also ate in independent places – Oktopus and Artisane – which I will review at some point!

Back to Italian Club Fish restaurant. They actually have 2 other restaurants/food places in Liverpool which are all pretty close to one another. The Italian Club Bakery and the Italian Club restaurant (also on Bold Street) – which is where to go if  you want pizza. But they also do other Italian dishes and some the same as the Italian Club Fish – which of course specialises in seafood.

The restaurant has 2 levels. When we entered, the ground floor was busy and with a nice atmosphere. To get to the upper level, it was a little unusual where you head towards the toilet and actually go down a few steps and then go upstairs. I was a bit worried that upstairs would be lacking the atmosphere of downstairs – but thankfully it was fine upstairs.

We spent quite a while looking at the menu and deciding what to get. And how hungry people were and making sure we ordered enough food! The table next to us had got the big sharing platter – lobster, prawns, langoustine, oysters, mussels, crab claws, prawn cocktail, chips. We decided to get this for “starter” – so a “2 person/portion” sharing platter for a starter 🙂 I lovely selection of seafood. Some things on the platter better than others. My favourite was the big prawns. I think with langoustine its just not as much meat – for the size (length) of it. Or maybe I just don’t know how to properly peel them?

For main I got the Spaghettini Alla Pescatora – mixed seafood. But instead of Spaghettini, I changed it for Spaghetti. Tasted really good.

(We also got an additional dish – which was shared – a grilled turbot which came with 2 sides – which we got chips and spinach).

With all the lovely seafood and pasta, one of my favourite things of everything was actually the chips!! LOL. Properly home-made chips. They looks like they had been cut by hand and was a lovely dark golden colour and super tasty, crunchy on outside, fluffy inside.

So I would recommend going to Italian Club Fish restaurant – good food, good service 🙂

Check out their menu on their web site –

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