San Diego Comic Con – check out all the trailers!

Finally got round to watching all the trailers from Comic Con. Unfortunately some have not been released to the public such as the Avengers: Infinity War one ๐Ÿ™

Here are all the trailers (embedded most, linked to some – the ones not as “big” or I don’t watch). Anyway, here are the trailers (thats only reason you are here!):

Thor Ragnarok

Justice League

Wasn’t that keen on 1st trailer, this one is better though – although you can tell its a Zack Snyder e.g. slo-mo.

Ready Player One

Haven’t read the book so didn’t know much about this but looks good. Loads of pop-culture and geek references.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Really liked the 1st Kingsman movie so looking forward to this


Its got Will Smith so already a good start.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

Personally I really enjoyed the 1st Pacific Rim. Good popcorn movie. This could be good too – happy its got John Boyega.

Death Note

Death Note is an adaptation of a Manga series. Some controversy because of “whitewashing”. No actual trailer, just a clip released of a key scene.

Lego Ninjago


Not a fan of horror movies really. Never seen any of the Saw movies but the last one was called Saw: The Final Chapter – so surely that should have been it??

The Ice Cream Man

Well this looks creepy!

Unfortunately the trailer for Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War have not released to public ๐Ÿ™

Thats all the movie trailers, now the trailers for TV shows – there are loads!

TV Trailers

Stranger Things: Season 2

OMG – this looks amazing. Thrilling! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Loved first season of Stranger Things.

Marvel’s The Defenders

Hopefully the Iron Fist character is better than on his own show. Looks pretty good


Looks like all your fav characters are back!

The Gifted

Like the look of this!

Star Trek Discovery

Walking Dead

I actually stopped watching Walking Dead in season 4 but I know its still popular. So here is the trailer

Marvel’s Inhumans

First trailer released about month ago looked awful. Looks a bit better but since not that excited by it

Stargate Origin

No real trailer released. Just a “trailer” made from clips from movie and its other TV show – to give you flavour of what is to come. One of the biggest surprises of SDCC 2017 was the announcement of Stargate: Origins, an online prequel series that will spin off from SG-1 that will dive deep into the series mythology.

Legends of Tomorrow

The Flash



Can’t wait!


Actually don’t watch this anymore. Couldn’t get into it. Worth a binge??


One of my fav new shows from last couple years

Game of Thrones

Don’t actually watch it.

The Orville

Its like if Galaxy Quest was a TV show – which I loved. Not a fan of how it looks in the trailer. Not funny. Think it will be cancelled after 1st season

Fear The Walking Dead

I don’t watch The Walking Dead so don’t watch this. Worth it?

Duck Tales

Liked Duck Tales when growing up. Great theme song. But did it need a “comeback”??

Dirk Gentlyโ€™s Holistic Detective Agency

Watched 1st episode. Couldn’t get into it. Maybe one day will binge? Worth it?

Voltron (Season 3)

(Never watched)

Vikings (Season 5)

(Never watched)

Rockoโ€™s Modern Life: Static Cling

(Never watched)

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