Rosylee – Review

Went here on Monday, to take advantage of their 50% off food Monday deal. (They also have a £10 for 2 cocktail deal – which I think is on all days(?) – anything from classic cocktail menu).

When I arrived, spoke to the barman to say arrived who checked booking etc. Was some confusion as he questioned if I had booked for Fitzpatrick – the cocktail bar above the restaurant. But we were able to get a table fine.

I went for the rib eye steak. Someone else had a pizza and someone had the tuna skewers.

The food was “OK”. Nothing worth writing home about. The rib eye steak was abou £22. It was definately not worth that – probably worth about the 50% (£11). Also, what restaurant doesn’t have mustard??! I think only sauce options was ketchup and mayo.

It was fairly busy for a Monday – people taking advantage of the 50% off. This may have been reason (but not an excuse) the service was a bit slow – e.g. waiting for drinks menu, coming back to take order, getting the bill. We were sat right next to entrance to the kitchen so they walked passed us several times.

When the bill eventually came, it was a lot more than expected. I am sure if we were not paying attention or maybe a bigger group, you just divide total up and pay and not notice. We all just had 1 drink plus the food and the bill was about £80. Turned out they had put TWO Afternoon Teas on to the bill. I guess these things happen when sometimes an extra drink is added or something you changed your mind or something like that. But almost doubling the total?!

So overall the food was “OK” but unfortunately the service was below par.

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