Review: One Plus

Excellent new restaurant which opened in Manchester at the end of 2017. The restaurant is split into 2 levels – the lower level is the more “traditional” restaurant with noodle and rice dishes. The rice dishes change weekly.

The ground floor level is for (Chinese) hot pot. Also known as steamboat or also “da bin lo”. Basically with Chinese hot pot you get a pot with broth in it and you put in different raw ingredients and you cook it yourself. Each ingredient only takes a few minutes to cook each and it all adds to the flavour of the broth.

At One Plus, which is a fairly unique thing (certainly in the UK), is you get your own pot and you control it yourself. This means you like things spicy and someone else doesn’t, thats fine since you have your own pot. All the ingredients are on a conveyor belt similar to sushi places like Yo Sushi. You just pick the ingredients, all on different plates to represent the different price and you cook it yourself. So if its something like some spinach, thats £1 but if you get something like scallops, this cost more (£4).

Food tasted great. Friendly staff. Great service.

Here is the menu below – showing the different ingredients you can have in your hot pot. (This photo was taken several months ago and I think the menu has changed since then). But gives you an idea.


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