Review of Vnam (Vietnamese restaurant)

Went to Vnam with a group of friends and had a good time and good meal.

As a group we basically shared a couple of the sharing platters (and someone had some summer rolls). Was just easier to order a platter. (Plus some prawn crackers).

We got the BBQ one and the salt and pepper one. Overall tasted good – hoped for a bit more salt and pepper flavour on the salt and pepper platter but it all tasted good. All a nice mixture of squid, chicken, prawns, tofu.

The Vietnamese prawn crackers came alongside the starters. The prawn crackers tasted just like standard Chinese prawn crackers – almost as if they came from a packet. Never had Vietnamese prawn crackers before but expected similar to Thai prawn crackers with a bit more flavour added to them, maybe even some chilli heat??

For the main, we all picked our own dish. Plus ordered some rice and pak choi veg. I went for the Banh Xeo (savoury pancakes). I have had this before and know that its a tricky thing to make. Last time I had it, the “batter” was not thin enough so it was a bit doughy/soggy. But I know how good it can be – the first ever time having it, it was delicious and flavoursome.

The savoury pancakes here in Vnam tasted good. Maybe not 5/5 good but there were crispy. I went for the prawn and pork one. Next time I am here I am going for that squid one.

I ordered my pancake without coriander, as it sometimes comes with it (as do many things in Vietnamese food), and this was no problem.

The service was good. And even though there was just one waitress, once we were ready to order we didn’t have to wait too long and the food didn’t take too long either.

Please note if you go it is BYOB (Bring your own booze) – there is an off license nearby.

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