Reasons I am voting to remain in the EU

So its the EU referendum tomorrow. Probably the biggest political decision in a generation. And one which could effect several generations. I am sure you already know what I will be voted based on my posts but just wanted to write down, some of the reasons I am voting to remain in the EU (although in a way its more reason NOT to leave – which I go on to):

Now the Leave campaign have mentioned numerous things like immigration and about the cost of being in the EU.

The Leave campaign, and to be fair also the Remain campaign is at fault of this but not as bad, is lots of lies, xenophobia and scaremongering. The whole EU ref “campaigns” have been horrible and it times its like a bunch of 8 year old kids fighting in the playground. Although Nigel Farage seems very “good” at this – he always seems to have a go at someones personal appearance i.e. like a school child.

Now if are these things above were not enough to convince me (and hopefully you) to vote to Remain, look at the people/companies/countries who are on the side of Remain compared to Leave.


Obama, China, India, the EU, Sir Richard Branson, Sir Patrick Stewart, Stephen Hawking, Jeremy Corbyn,


Boris Johnson
Nigel Farage
Katie Hopkins
Keith Chegwin
Donald Trump

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