PSG v United

So its been 2 days since the match. I have calmed down now! I wish I was wearing my Apple Watch during the match – so I could see what my heartrate was like especially during the final few minutes. The composure of Rashford taking that penalty! It was his first ever penalty taken in senior football! And all that delay when PSG were intentionally delaying things with various different tactics like arguing with the ref – which they know would not change decision.

We were 2-0 down after the first leg and everyone in the media seemed to have written off United. It was as if we were 15-0 down. It was just a couple goals. If we got an early goal, who knows…. (and we know what happened). Now obviously it wasn’t easy and we needed some luck. And PSG had a bit of an off day – in particular Mbappe. And of course United were without so many players – 10 first team players unavailable. Arguably 5-6 would have usually played in the team v PSG if everyone was fit.

Won’t win anything with kids

Now we all know what happened in the match and the result. So won’t talk too much about it. It was great to see the Manchester United youngsters come on and play. The United bench had 4 teenagers on it! Dalot had another good game. Fred had probably his best game as a United player. Lukaku scoring 2 goals again. Lindelof a rock at the back – possibly by player of the season for United. If it was just since Ole, it would be Pogba or Rashford.

Was it a penalty?

Well it was since the ref gave it but should he have. I can see why it was given. Did he make himself “bigger”? Yes. The distance from him and the ball was pretty close – but he had his back to the ball anyway so its not a case of him getting arm out of the way. I am just imagining if I was a defending a desperately trying to block the ball, I would jump in front of the ball and probably turn back to ball so didn’t get smacked in the face (or somewhere else more painful). Your arms would be out away from your body a bit for balance. His arms were not sticking miles out away from body but maybe just enough away??? It could easily have hit his left arm and I think that would have better a slightly clearer penalty. (The handball was by Kimpembe who arguably maybe should have been sent off in the first leg). It was certainly soft and if it was awarded against your team, you would be furious. But as a United fan of course I am happy it was awarded as a penalty and even more happy about how annoyed Neymar, and the rest of PSG are.

UEFA have since given explanation why VAR made the correct decision to award United a penalty against PSG:

United players past and present – a bit happy 😀

Almost better than the result was all the social media stuff from United players – past and present. Scenes from inside changing room, injured footballers celebrating while watching at home, Legends watching in the stadium – apparently PSG not happy about likes of Evra celebrating after match in the stadium?? LOL

Loved the photo of Cantona, Sir Alex and Ole – The King, The Boss and the Assassin

Jesse Lingard

Dalot – From the United changing room

The King, The Boss and the Assassin

After match, quick FaceTime with your best mate

Martial celebrating

Eric Cantona loved it

Patrice Evra

Juan Mata

Nemanja Matic

And Gary Neville interviewed Ole after the match – asked him just 3 questions. 1) How long do you want on your contract? 2) How much money you want 3) Where do you want the statue?

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