New Channel 4 F1 Lineup – looking good!

So this upcoming F1 season, the coverage in the UK will be on Sky but now the free-to-air coverage has moved from the BBC to Channel 4. It was only about 3 months ago when BBC announced it was dropping F1 (money saving) and shortly after Channel 4 announced they were taking over.

Personally I think the sport coverage on the BBC is great. And if it means keeping stuff like the Olympics for the F1, I am OK with that. F1 over last couple seasons has got a bit boring – nothing to do with the BBC – boring races. But maybe with some F1 coverage from a different channel with different ideas, it can make the whole coverage better?

Great looking line-up!

The actual lineup (presenters, pundits, experts) for F1 on Channel 4 was recently announced and its looking really good. Nice mixture of people.

The full line up is:

I have also read that Alex Zanardi will be an occasional guest. (Suzi Perry left the BBC to go to BT Sport to cover Moto GP). I am happy with everyone (apart from maybe one) particular DC, Mark Webber and Lee McKenzie.

Rotation system


One thing Channel 4 have done is get rid of the ‘presenter plus two experts’ model and its now more of a rotation system.  So most the people above won’t be at every race but at various races so a mix of experience and opinion. Apparently this has meant they could sign the likes of Mark Webber, who did not want to commit to a full season.

At every race though will be Steve Jones, David Coulthard and Ben Edwards.

Karun Chandhok with Steve Jones

Karun Chandhok with Steve Jones

I am not too sure about Steve Jones presenting F1 but he seems to be doing his homework going to all the test, watching past races. Also some people were not sure about Jake Humphrey when he was main presenter for BBC F1 coverage and he was brilliant. Also, Steve Jones has experience with doing live TV. As much as I like Suzi Perry, she was not the best sometimes with live TV – she did get better though.

Also, I am personally not a fan of Ben Edward’s commentating style.

I have read that they will be aiming for a younger audience and celebrities will feature heavily across the coverage.  In one feature, Susie Wolff takes comedian Johnny Vegas and British boxer David Haye for passenger rides – which sounds good fun – for Johnny Vegas more, less David Haye. Also, there is a special programme which will feature Guy Martin (motorbike rider) going head-to-head with David Coulthard in a Red Bull.

Its all sounding good. Bring on F1 season 2016 – starting next weekend!

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