Movies of 2017 – the good, the bad, the ugly

Bit late this year writing about the movies of 2017. Of course I didn’t see all the movies which were released and I didn’t watch many of the “big/must see” ones. 2017 wasn’t the best year for movies – it was officially the worse summer box office in over a decade (in America so probably same worldwide). Ticket sales dropped 14.6% from last summer! In the US, box office ticket sales were $3.8 billion. Was back in 2006 when it was lower – when ticket sales were $3.7 billion. So actually if you take inflation into account, its likely much more than 12 years ago. (But that doesn’t mean there weren’t any good summer blockbusters!).

I watched some really good movies and saw some awful movies.

The Good

First to talk about the good movies I saw:

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – really good although not as good as the first one
Spider-Man: Homecoming – brilliant
Logan – excellent!
Thor: Ragnorak – great movie. Funny
Baby Driver – really good movie. Great soundtrack
The Big Sick – an indie sort of movie. Enjoyed movie. A sweet, funny movie
Kong: Skull Island
Atomic Blonde – really good movie which features a brilliant, insane stairway fight scene

You can probably see a theme with the type of movies I like. I think my favourite is either Logan, Spider-man or Thor. As an actual movie with the quality of acting and the story, I think Logan is the best but Spider-man and Thor are more “popcorn entertainment” type of movies.

The Bad & The Ugly

Some of the rubbish movies I watched:

Geostorm – heard was rubbish so expected crap. It was.
Power Rangers – didn’t expect much when watching this but still wish I didn’t bother
Baywatch – looked rubbish, heard it was not good but a like The Rock and ZakĀ Efron. As expected, it was NOT good
The Mummy – I like Tom Cruise. You basically know what to expect but he couldn’t save this movie
Transformers The Last Knight – I am someone who actually likes Transformers movies. Generally. They are never going to win an Oscar but it is what it is. Popcorn movies – turn off your brain, watch things blow up etc. But didn’t like Transformers 5
XXX: Return of Xander Cage – I think I’ve seen this. It was right at start of 2017. I think it was that rubbish I blanked it out of my memory

Worthy mentions

Logan Lucky
War for the Planet of the Apes
Life – don’t usually go and watch “scary” movies but went to see this. Not that scary/jumpy – basically enjoyed it. One of those movies where the characters who are supposed to be clever, do stupid things
Wonder Woman – critics and fans really liked this movie. I did like this and it did really well in the box office. Looking forward to Wonder Woman 2 – assume there will be one

Now you may notice The Last Jedi is not on either list. Thats because it was neither one of the my favourites or least favourites. It was just OK. I kept changing my mind after watching it and remembering good bits but then rubbish bits and things I didn’t like. And because its Star Wars you hear more about it and what other people think. But overall it was just OK. I am not a big Star Wars fan. I wish I was! Actually a few years ago (before watching Force Awakens) I decided to watch A New Hope to basically jog my memory as not seen any Star Wars movies (the originals) for ages and I was a little bit bored! (So you will now probably stop reading this and/or not value by opinion in movies! Oh well!).

What I have missed

Now there are many movies I didn’t see which I have seen on people’s “top 10/20” movies of 2017 but I will eventually (maybe). And also some which people hated. These include:

Dunkirk – not seen because I don’t like war movies
Blade Runner 2019 – heard it was good but I believe it didn’t do well in box office
Justice League – heard was rubbish and I generally don’t like DC Comic/Snyder movies but I want to watch to form my own opinion
IT – don’t like horror movies
Get Out – won loads of awards and although I believe its a “horror” movie, may watch it
Shape of Water – heard this is brilliant. Need to watch!
The Disaster Artist – heard this is really good. A “fan” of The Room – in that its the worst film ever but still good.

Have I missed any other movies??

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