Movies 2021 – movies which will (hopefully) watch in 2021

With the pandemic/lockdown, I ended up watching very few movies last year. Even though some were released digitally. I actually don’t think I went to the cinema in 2020 – even before March or when it opened a bit during the Summer. Pretty much everything I watched was not that good – been awhile since watched something really good. Recommendations?

Only really good thing was Parasite – its sort of a 2019 movie but was release in UK in 2020. Also, with pretty much all the big “blockbusters” delayed, didn’t get my usual Marvel fix – although saw some DC things! So I watched things like Honest Thief (rubbish), Wonder Woman 1984 (average), Project Power (meh), The 2nd (crap), Tenet (not a fan), Birds of Prey (was alright), Extraction (had its moments but thought was just OK – some nice stunts though).

Movies now out 2022:

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