Koreana – Review

Had not been to Koreana for awhile. Last time was about 18 months ago. I have been to Koreana a few times in today and I think I always go for the bibimbap. The last time I went the bibimbap was just OK. Lacked a bit – as I said in earlier review it needed more sauce. It was a touch bland.

This time had something different. Went for the BBQ set menu. For £14.90 you get a choice of Korean BBQ (Pork, beef or chicken) and a sharer dish – chicken skewers, prawn spring rolls, meat dumplings, spare ribs or kimchi pancake.

I went for the beef BBQ and the prawn spring rolls. It all comes cooked the meat (so you don’t cook it yourself on the Korean BBQ hot plate) along with lettuce (to wrap it in) plus some kinchi and a couple sauces including ssamjang sauce. The meat tasted good – nice flavour – and the lettuce was very curly – looked like a flower!! The prawn spring roll starter was good too. Was just expected normal deep fried stuff and just with small amounts of prawn in it – and it was deep fried but was tasty and definitely had real prawns in it.

So overall good food and the service was good too.

Here is the set menu part of the menu:

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