Justice League – Comic Con trailer sneak peak

The latest trailer for Justice League, which is out in November, was released today. It was shown at San Diego Comic Con and is being called a “sneak peak” by Warner Brothers. Although its over 4 minutes long.

Here is the trailer  (only reason why you’re probably here) –

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Now I usually avoid trailers because of possible spoilers but I do tend to watch trailers which are shown during San Diego Comic Con. The trailer has got me more excited about Justice League – wasn’t too keen on 1st trailer – although it potentially has the Zack Snyder problem and style over substances e.g. lots of slow motion. There was some humour with the in-joke (about emploding penguins) and also some humour from The Flash (and Alfred). But lets see – have 4 months to wait.

There was bit of a possible spoiler at the end about a character – but you could have probably guessed it. Its actually in loads of the images you see online if you just type in Justice League. (Spoiler – It appears to be Superman).

We know that Joss Whedon took over at the end from Zack Snyder who stepped down for personal reasons – sadly a family tragedy. I read that all the filming had been done so I don’t know how much Joss Whedon could of (or would have wanted to) change things.

Fingers crossed for a good movie. I am not a particularly big DC comics movie fan or a Zack Snyder fan. More of a Marvel movies fan. And I do love Joss Whedon – he made Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a start!

What do you think? Excited for it? The movie is out 17th November in UK and US and pretty much 15th-17th everywhere in the world. (23rd November in Japan).

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