Jose Mourinho sacked. Christmas come early for United fans??

So Jose Mourinho has been sacked.

Thanks Jose and all the best – but it was time to go. Thanks for Zlatan. Thanks for Pogba – when you played him. Thanks for the Europa League and League cup.

The relationship has been toxic with the club and some players for months now. I was never one of the #MourinhoOut people because I want to support the manager of my club – as much as I can. But I can’t say I am unhappy he has gone. He wasn’t the sole blame and problems have not gone now he’s been sacked. The players themselves have to take some blame but also Ed Woodward, the board, the owners.

Pretty much since he joined 2.5 years ago, he was been negative and miserable. I think part of that was being away from his family – living in a hotel (which was his choice, he could have bought a house although maybe it would be too empty?), also his father sadly passed away a few months ago so that would not have been an easy time. Also losing his assistant manager Rui Faria – who had been alongside him for many years. Who knows how much that effected Jose – and the team.

But I think it was more and the constant excuses and how it was never his fault was reaching breaking point.

You never knew what he was going to say at a press conference and it was embarrassing. I am sure the board and owners were worried. And he lost the fans (generally) when he started downplaying chances and saying players were not good enough. He said this about some of the players who went on pre-season tour, he said that about the centre backs, said about few others.

Its well known he wanted players and the board never got the players he wanted. Whether they disagreed with signings, didn’t trust him or something else, who knows. Who knows what situation would be like if we signed that centre back he wanted. Its not just improving the defending but can give confidence throughout the team.

From reports, it seems he had lost the dressing room. Its well known about his relationship with Pogba but he was not the only one. It seems the only players who were “on his side” was a handful of players including Lukaku and Rojo. Speaking of Pogba – who will always be mentioned even when he is not playing – but unfortunate timing for his Instagram post this morning. I think its clearly just a scheduled post – it was for Adidas and he was at Adidas event yesterday. But it wasn’t just the timing of the post but the photo were he was sort of smirking and the description saying “Caption this”. It was posted about an hour after Jose was sacked.

Lets see what happens now. Carrick is taking over for couple days before we get an interim manager till end of the season. And then next season we will have a new manager. Who knows who that will be. Zidane seems to be the favourite although I am not sure if he is the right man for the job. I personally would like Pochettino – although probably pretty unlikely. Why would Spurs let him go? Would he even want to come with the Spurs team he has and they are just about to move into new stadium?? He would probably be better paid and have more money to spend though. We will see.

However, the board over last 7 years have appointed 3 managers – will be 4 – and have not got it right. It was never right with Moyes and LVG. It looked like it could be right early days with Jose but ultimately was not. Too be honest, don’t trust them to make the right decision!!

So lets see what happens in next couple days when the interim manager will be announced – apparently will be in charge for the Cardiff game – which is the first in 4 league games which on paper United should really win (Cardiff (A),  Huddersfield (H), Bournemouth (H), Newcastle (A)).

Then over the summer United will announce new manager. Fingers crossed its the right decision. I just checked the latest odds and Zidane no longer favourite for next United manager. Favourite is Laurent Blanc and the Solskjaer. Not sure either would be right. Like them both – actually love Solskjaer! – but don’t think he’d be right choice. Did well at Molde but was crap while manager at Cardiff. But I’d take them…. as long as its not Big Sam!



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