FoodNFilm – Spider-man Homecoming / Revolucion de Cuba

So last week I went to my first FoodNFilm event – which is a food/film/networking event. Although it was my first one, the people involved alway run a quiz/networking event called GetQuizzical which I have been to a couple times so thought I would know 1 or 2 people which makes things easier. But also randomly, I met someone who works for a recruitment company who I met about 7 years ago not too long after I started my business (Citrus Cube Design). The networking side of things is more of a natural sort of networking I think where you build relationships and get to know people, instead of the sometimes forced networking. Although I have not been to that many networking events – probably should go to more!

The event started in Revolucion de Cuba who put on a nice spread of food including nachos, paella, chicken skewers and pulled pork burgers. We also got a loyalty card which got some discount (happy hour).

The food was all pretty good. Wish I had spotted the coriander on the chicken skewers before I ate it!

After about a couple hours of eating, mingling and a couple drinks, we all headed (about 30 of us), to the AMC Cinema across the road to watch the film – Spider-man: Homecoming!! I had heard good things about it with critics all apparently liking it. I hadn’t read any reviews in detail and I think I only saw the teaser – not full trailer. I tend to avoid all trailers as they normally have spoilers nowadays.

Check out my review of Spider-man: Homecoming here. ┬áIts excellent – the movie, not my review! ;).



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