Final Score – Review. Rating: 1/5

Watched the Sky Cinema film Final Score. Expected rubbish – and it really was rubbish. Surprisingly though, it gets a fairly high 74% rating on Rotten Tomatoes??? 😕  As a comparison and to check it wasn’t just me, checked the rating elsewhere – Empire gives it 2/5.

The acting is pretty awful – and you could tell they didn’t spend a massive amount on it. The movie was set in the old West Ham stadium, the Boleyn Ground aka Upton Park. Since the stadium was recently knocked down, it was probably a good place to film it as they didn’t really care what damage was done!

(Spoilers ahead)

As well as poor acting and the cheap feel (and dodgy accents), the logic in this movie just goes out the window. Loads of ridiculous things happen – although the most ridiculous is West Ham United being in a European Semi-Final!

List of ridiculousness:

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