Fibre installed!! Getting 160Mbps+

Recently got fibre installed! Hyperoptic was recently installed in my building and I signed up straight away. If you didn’t know, with normal fibre you get from likes of BT, the actual fast fibre optic only goes to the box outside on the street and then its old copper cables which actually go into your home. But with Hyperoptic, the fibre optic goes straight into the building.

Hyperoptic router

I ended up getting the 150Mbps package. (They have a 1Gbps package and a slower 30Mbps package). The order process was very easy – I was able to use referral codes and referral emails to save some money and get some money off. They were very good at keeping me updated with progress. When the engineer came, he only took about 20 minutes. He basically got some cable from outside apartment in corridor from the ceiling area and then basically drilled small hole into my apartment. I was thinking he could install it in utility cupboard so it was hidden away but he recommended it was not as there would be interference from washing machine etc – and also with door closed would also effect performance/speed.

And I will need to plug my phone into the Hyperoptic router so its probably best having it not inside a cupboard. (Although I do plan at some point in future to get a VOIP phone – so can have the phone anywhere).

My old broadband (ADSL) download speed was about 7.5-8Mbps. Although over the last few months, this has gone down to about 6Mbps.

Old broadband speed.

Now this is not certainly not the slowest broadband speed in the World but slow I think for Manchester city centre. I was with Sky but I did I check and do comparisons online and everyone else was around same speed.

The upload speed I was getting was about 0.5Mbps was is VERY slow. Now download is of course more important but whenever uploading files for web sites, it takes AGES!!

Now with fibre I am getting about 160Mbps. I have the 150Mbps package so getting a bit faster than expected! Although maybe when more people sign up will be a bit slower??

Look at that speed!

One thing I have noticed when testing the speed was that when checking the speed on web sites like in browser and the speed was about 40% slower so it was about 90Mbps. Bit odd.

Speed on laptop in browser

I then downloaded the app for MacBook and the speed getting is 160Mbps so fine. So for some reason, download speeds in browser is slower.

Speed on laptop (MacBook Pro) using the app

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