Dive NQ – review

Been here a few times – and its not what you would call a “dive bar”. First time was for a Yelp event and trying out some new things on menu. Overall really liked the food on this 1st visit. Tried several different things including burgers and the wings.

Second time, was at a pub quiz/networking thing. I tried the tacos – it was 3 for £8. Went for one of each they had on menu – except the vegetarian one. The different tacos –

Chicken was in a soft taco. I was a bit dry unfortunately. The chilli beef was in a hard shell type taco – tasted good. Nothing outstanding but good, although it wasn’t spicy at all. The prawn taco was probably my fav. It was in a soft taco.

I’ve also been here to watch football – came her to watch the Europa League final. Its got quite a few big screens all around the place plus a separate section which has a really big screen (projector) and also a separate bar in that area.

As well as the tacos, burgers and wings, I’ve also tried the nachos. I love nachos generally. These nachos were OK, nothing special or to write home about.

This menu may not be the latest

One thing which is a bit disappointing at Dive is the beer selection on tap. On tap, you have a choice of 4 beers. The “main” beers are Carlsberg and Coors Light. Unfortunately can’t remember the other 2 – I think one is a cider and I think other was an IPA(??). Most times I have gone with Coors Light – not really that good a beer but at least its not expensive. During happy hour its only £2.50 a pint.

The bar, as well as the main bar large bar area with plenty of seating, there is the “restaurant” part and also there is a separate section (behind curtains) which can be hired – its got its own bar, lots of seats and a big screen (see below).

You can see some of the bottle/can selection on their web site.

So overall, a good place with decent food. Just could do with some other beer options on tap I think.


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