Dishoom – Manchester: Review. Good tasty food!

Been to this Dishoom a couple times – all during its “soft launch” period at the end of last year. Went with group of friends for a late breakfast first time. During the soft launch – (so it was 50% off the food), you could not book a table and it was first come, first served but we did not have to wait long.

Went for the bacon naan roll – as my “starter” which tasted really good.

Bacon naan

I also had a Keema Per Eedu – description of this is: A Parsi power breakfast: spicy chicken keema studded with delicate morsels of chicken liver, topped with two runny-yolked fried eggs and salli crisp-chips. Served with home-made buns. Overall this Keema Per Eedu was just OK if I am honest. The wait for the food was a bit longer than ideal but they were busy and it was a soft launch so you expect some slight teething issues.

Here is the “cooked breakfast” section of the breakfast menu:

The 2nd time I went about a couple weeks after, also during soft launch, I went with my parents and went during lunch time – so a different menu.

I think we arrived just passed 12pm so breakfast service had just finished. We were told that we would have to wait about 15 minutes before they could take our order, because they were cleaning the kitchen (it was a bit longer than 15 minutes 😐). They gave us some nice poppadoms while we waited though 🙂

When we did order the food, the waiter was helpful with recommendations and also ordering stuff which was not too spicy – my Mum isn’t that keen on spicy things. We got a load of dishes and shared. We got the chicken tikka, grilled masala prawns, prawn koliwada, Nijari Biryani plus some greens, naan and rice.

The Nijari Biryani is the Manchester special – was very filling. Its basically a biryani with a lamb shank in it – and it has a good amount of meat. My fav dish I think was the grilled masala prawns. Here is the lunch menu:

(The things ticked are what we ate).

(I went to Dishoom in November/December 2018 during soft launch – the menu could well have changed since then).


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