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I have watched a load of the movie and TV trailers which were shown during Comic-Con (in San Diego) recently. It used to be that the to see the trailers, you used to have to watch for rubbish quality cam video but they are released officially now.

I usually avoid trailers, especially the later ones, because of spoilers. I don’t mind teasers and do sometimes watch the 1st trailers if not sure about it. I think also with Comic-Con it will be more of a teaser and not give too much away – which seems to be the case.


Out of the movies, I am most looking forward to Wonder Woman (especially with her easily being the best thing in Batman v Superman), Justice League, Lego Batman, Kong: Skull Island (hopefully the producers do a better job than they did with Godzilla!).

Here is probably my fav trailer, Lego Batman:

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Here is trailer for Wonder Woman, which although is still gritty/dark like DC Comic movies tend to be but doesn’t like as grim (and basically miserable) as Batman v Superman. Zack Snyder doesn’t direct Wonder Woman, although he is one of the producers, so maybe that helped? (hopefully has!):

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Although talking about Zack Snyder, he did direct Justice League. The “special footage” (Warner Brothers not calling it a trailer) does look good though – more lighthearted, although still a bit dark (lacking of colour):

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I didn’t watch Suicide Squad trailer since the movie itself is out in a few days. The trailer for Snowden – was mostly distracted by JGL’s accent.


There were several TV trailers which looked good. Some for shows I already watch like Arrow and Flash but a few Netflix Marvel shows like Iron Fist, Luke Cage and The Defenders. American Gods looks pretty epic. Plus Star Trek: Discovery. Been ages since we got a Star Trek TV show!

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