Brewski Mosley St – Review

Came here back in April this year when it had only recently opened. It is located just off Mosley Street, on corner of Booth Street and W Mosley Street. I had heard good things about the Brewski in Chorlton.

Brewski sell North American comfort food inc. poutine, Mac n Cheese, Raclette and Deli sandwiches. The place has been featured in things like Lad Bible, and Food Bible.

I went for the poutine and it tasted really good! Everyone else in the group had the poutine too and everyone enjoyed it.

I want to go back again soon and try their Afternoon Tea – Brewski style. 3 tiers of steak, fried chicken, pulled pork sliders, Mac n Cheese, deep fried Brie, frickles and poutine and more. Plus a G&T pot or pitcher of beer between 2. (All for £25p/p)


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