Best movies 2015

I am a bit late with my usual annual post about the movie I had watched in the year. I had a look at the list of movies I did watch and realised not watched as many as normal – and missed out on several “big movies” – the ones which are in many peoples top 10 movies.

I remember many people said 2015 could be the best year for movies ever. In the end, based on what I watched, it wasn’t. 2016 could be? – wrote a blog post about movies looking forward to in 2016.

Favourite movies

As usual, I have not listed it in any order. Although there is one movie which is diffinately my no.1. (By the way, the movies are ones released in the UK in 2015). I may actually struggle to get 10 in my “top movies of the year”.

1. The Martian – loved this movie. Great performance by Matt Damon. Funny, which I didn’t expect. Nice that a movie where you see people “saving the day” by being smart.

Other movies (in no particular order)

Furious 7
John Wick
Age of Ultron
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation
Inside Out
Ex Machina


Now as I said, probably won’t be able to list a top 10. The list of movies which are in many people’s lists which I didn’t watch – but will do – include (just done a quick Google):

Mad Max
Birdman (which was right at the start of 2015 when released in UK)
Whiplash (released start of 2015)
Foxcatcher (also right at start of 2015)
The Man from UNCLE

Movies which I didn’t like

Sicario – this was in some peoples top 10 movies list and pretty high. I am a big fan of Emily Blunt but she couldn’t save this movie. I basically just found it boring.

Terminator Genisys – didn’t enjoy overall, which was a shame. I wrote¬†a blog post about it. Just read today that there is probably not going to be a sequel. Has Terminator Genisys killed off the franchise?? ()Not helped by the HUGE spoilers in the trailer and the movie poster).

Jurassic World – I know many people liked this but I found too many things in it which annoyed me. Enough to write a blog post about it.

With mentioning (for various reasons)

Star Wars: Force Awakens. Now its a blog post about movies so I have to mention Star Wars. I am still not saying anything about it really because don’t want to risk spoilers. Although most people I am sure who would be bothered about spoilers would have seen it, but there are some big spoilers!

Now I overall enjoyed it but it wasn’t that amazing. There was lots of nostalgia – which was OK, it was good to see a strong female character basically leading the movie and both Daisy Ridley and John Boyega were really good. But it was overall just pretty good. Maybe if I was a bigger Star Wars fan?? I like the movies but far from a total fanboy with it.

Spectre – very average movie. And far too long at 2.5 hours. Recently with James Bond movies, I have liked the bit right at the start before the opening song and Spectre was the same. I preferred the James Bond movies which were more fun (and more gadgets etc).

Fantastic Four – heard this was awful. And even the director basically saying afterwards it wasn’t good. Now I watched it and maybe because anticipated it being crap, I thought it wasn’t THAT bad. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t good but all the reviews seemed to make it out as the worst movie ever. It was darker than I thought it would be.

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