Batman V Superman. My thoughts

2117Spoilers ahead (of course).

I planned to write this blog post about a few weeks ago after watching a midnight screening of Batman V Superman. Everyone had their say about it – it seems that all critics didn’t like it and “real people” opinion on it was mixed.

Personally I didn’t like it. It wasn’t awful but not good. But made a bit worse because of what it could have been all it was a movie with Batman in it and Superman in it.

The recent Superman movies I don’t really like myself – I think most people don’t like them really either. The recent Batman movies are much better – although personally I am not as much a fan of Dark Knight / Dark Knight Rises. For me have their faults. I much prefer Batman Begins.

Anyway, back to Batman V Superman:Dawn of Justice.

  1. Lex Luthor – so annoying! Its like he was told to act as Mark Zukerberg (from Social Network) who was told to act like the Joker.
  2. Lois Lane – she was basically just the “damsel in distress”. Its 2016 – really!!
  3. Wonder Woman – saying that about Lois Lane, Wonder Woman was good and a strong female character. But she was hardly in it. Either don’t have her in or in it more. (I know there is going to be a Wonder Woman movie but still!)
  4. Dreams/flashbacks – was confusing with all the flashbacks and dreams and wasn’t clear when it was a dream and when it was a flashback. And what was happening in them I wasn’t clear what was happening.
  5. Doomsday – disappointing.
  6. Why did Lex Luthor kill everyone in the courtroom – including his trusted assistant?
  7. Actually why Batman and Superman decide to fight. And then decide to stop fighting.
  8. Jimmy Olsen – he has an old 35mm camera. Really??! Seriously?! And having a tracker in the film canister??!
  9. Superman – not supposed to kill anyone. But he does within minutes of the start of movie. Or certainly don’t guy probably wont be walking ever again.
  10. Perry White – who is the editor of the Daily Planet. He tells Clark to write some sports story. Clark, who is not a sports journalist, writing about sport instead of the other, like several, sport journalist the major newspaper has.
  11. The “I thought she was with you” line. Funny in the trailer. And actually in the movie. But then thinking about it – Batman knows who she is. He met her at the party.
  12. Why does Lex Luthor create Doomsday? He doesn’t have control of it. As well as potentially killing Batman and Superman, it could kill him and destroy everything.

batsignalI know some of the things I didn’t like in the movie would have been understood if I read the comic books. But I don’t. And I reckon the majority of people who watch the movie would be the same.

And its not all bad. As I mentioned Wonder Woman was good. And I thought Ben Affleck did a good job as Batman. Henry Cavill didn’t have much to work with. But Superman was basically just moody and spends must of the movie moping about – there is a difference between being moody and dark. Superman should be “more cheery”.

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