Ryanair – £1 to use toilets on plane!!

It seems to be every other day that there is a Ryanair story in the news and another reason not to fly with them. There are plans to charge people to use the toilets on the plane – £1 to spend a “penny”.

The chief executive Michael O’Leary tried to explain the reason behind it saying nobody “has got on board a Ryanair aircraft with less than a pound” and “We’re all about finding ways of raising discretionary revenue so we can keep lowering the cost of air travel.”

He also said its the same as paying 20p to use the toilets in Liverpool St. train station. However, on the plane you have no choice. I know its only £1 but it just seems like a way of forcing people to pay more money. They will have to spend money to add the coin-slots and at the end of the flight they are still going to clean the toilets (you hope!).

Someone from Which? Holiday has commented and said  “It seems Ryanair is prepared to plumb any depth to make a fast buck and, once again, is putting profit before the comfort of its customers.” “Charging people to go to the toilet might result in fewer people buying overpriced drinks on board, though – that would serve Ryanair right.”

Easyjet have said they have no plans to charge people to use their toilets on the plane.

Update: Turns out he was “only joking” and he wont be charging people to use toilets on the plane. This hasnt stopped people coming up with other suggestions on what he can do to save money such as charge for oxygen masks & to use emergency exits.

One thought on “Ryanair – £1 to use toilets on plane!!”

  1. It always annoys me when we get off the train at Euston or Waterloo and Rob proclaims that he needs to go to the toilet before we go any further. Why didn’t he just go on the train for free??? 😉

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