Did I see Ji Sung Park today??

There was a notice on noticeboard of apartment block I live in. Something about a company doing some filming in the main entrance-way of building today and that it may cause a bit of disturbance with access etc.

I think the company doing the filming were called Just Shoot – not 100% sure. Anyway, at about 545pm I headed out to go to the gym. There were still doing some filming with camera equiment and several people about. As I walked past there were 2 or 3 people sat down and one of them looked like Park. On my way to the gym, thought about it more and I think it may have actually been Park.

When I got back from gym must ppl had gone. However, on my way out to pub later outside near main entrance there were a girls hanging around as well as still several vans/cars/trucks belonging to the camera crew and a large-ish group of people about. Maybe some Ji Sung Park “groupies”?? Possibly doing some filming outside the bar/restaurant near me. They have done filming there before and the bar/restaurant seems to be the place for “celebs” (e.g. Corrie actors, United footballers).

If it wasnt Park, it was someone who looked a lot like him. I literally walked right past him!!

Anyway, thats enough random rambling

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