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Google Maps integration … done

Been playing about with Google Maps this morning and integrating it into a web page for UK postcodes. I have previously done a demo web site which integrated with Google Maps. It was a “job out-sourcing” web site and the location of the job was automatically displayed on a Google Map. It worked most of the time but was abit hit and miss with UK Postcodes. You can have a look at it – the demo site is called Citrus | Jobsearch.

I now have got Google Maps integrated onto a web page and it works fine with UK postcodes. Woohoo!!

United 3, Chelsea 0 :)

Vidic and GiggsUnited played Chelsea at the weekend at Old Trafford and won 3-0. The scoreline could have been bigger as Chelsea were really poor and United were good. Not brilliant and Ronaldo still not back to his usual self but he still managed to get the ball in the goal twice (although they were disallowed wrongly). It was also good that both our strikers Rooney and Berbetov scoring.

United scored right before half time from a corner taken by Giggs, flicked on by Berbatov and then headed in by Vidic (who had a brilliant game). United actually had the ball in the net moments before after a clever corner kick. Rooney rolled the ball out of the corner quadrant and then Giggs casually walked to the ball and crossed a great ball in for Ronaldo to head in. Unfortunately the ref/linesman disallowed it. Its not quite clear why whether Rooney didnt tell linesman what he was doing (did he have to?) and maybe when Rooney rolled the ball it was considered more than 1 “kick”. Heres the corner:

Dermot Gallagher, the former Premier League referee, had said the goal should have stood, describing the corner routine as “creative and innovative.”

Like I said Chelsea were really poor with many of their big players not showing up. Drogba had 2 chances and one went out for a throw in and another was an air shot! Deco was taken off at half time, Mikel was once again crap (the best bit of business United did was not buying his a few seasons ago and getting £12m!), even Lampard was rubbish. Chelsea actually had no shots on target.

United played really well. It was great to have Evra back. As well as being a great defender, he gives us a real attacking threat down the left. (Unfortunately he got injured shortly after crossing for Rooney’s goal 🙁 ). Park once again worked his socks off, Vidic was brilliant. The Man of the match was Giggs who rolled back the years. He started in central midfield alongside Fletcher. It was a bit of a surprise especially with Carrick playing well recently. One thing I have to say about the United players was that Rooney was lucky not to be sent off for his constant swearing at the ref. As a United fan I am glad he wasnt sent off of course but in one way I wish the ref, at the very least, had a word with him to stop swearing.

United’s 2nd goal was a cross from Evra after a nice backheel by Ronaldo and Rooney scored from close range. United’s 3rd goal was from a freekick by Ronaldo which Berbatov taps in from a few yards. It was a great freekick whipped in by Ronaldo. Ronaldo actually had the ball in the net twice – once from the corner I mentioned and another when he was one on one with keeper and scored. It was given as offside but it was perfectly fine.

Rafa Benitez should have a rant at Fergie every week!! Liverpool have once of their worst performances and then United have the best! 🙂

Bookmark site

Bookmark ManagerI have built a couple web sites to demonstrate some bookmarking functionality. The first is a bookmark manager site – the idea is you log in with a username and password and then you can add your own web addresses which are then available to be viewed in another Internet enabled computer.

Article BookmarkingArticle Bookmarking

The second site I have built is an article bookmarking site. Its a demo web site with some articles – the idea with this site is that if the site had loads of articles, the visitor could log in and “bookmark” certain articles which they refer to at a later date.

Both of these web sites are properly not very useful on there own but would be useful as “add-ons” to some web sites (in particular the article bookmarking site).

Bookmarking it!!!!

I am currently working on a bookmarking web site in my spare time. It will be another added feature which I can add on to web sites.

What the web site is, is basically a simple news article web site. Visitors need to login before they can read the complete article. When they are logged in they are also able to save the article (link) to their own “Saved Bookmarks”. You can imagine if a web site had thousands of news articles and you wanted to refer back to one later it could be tricky to find. I guess you could add it as a bookmark/favourite in your browser but this keeps it all seperate from your other bookmarks and also is accessible on either Internet enabled computer.

I have done must of the coding for it now but just need to “tidy it up”!!

At some point soon I will provide a link so you can have a look and maybe play about with it.


Joomla logoIf you didnt know Joomla is a content management system (CMS). Its the most popular CMS with its roots going back to the year 2000. There are over 200,000 community users and contributors.

So far for the web sites I have developed the CMS I have used have pretty much all been hand-coded using PHP and MySQL. (I have also used Dreamweaver templates and the actual software Adobe Contribute).

I have decided to look into it and create a site using Joomla and this will be an extra service I provide.