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CSI: Cyber. So bad!! (But ‘good’ in a way)

Anyone else watching the new CSI show, CSI:Cyber?? I have watched most CSI shows – never really got into CSI Miami but really liked CSI:NY and the “classic” CSI is still pretty good.

This new CSI, is all to do with hacking, the Internet and stuff like that.  However, its really bad. There are things which just don’t make sense (which I will go on to) but its characters are very cliche. Asian hacker chick with cool hair, fat hacker dude with beard, ex army/special forces/miltary guy,

However, I can’t stop watching. Let me explain.

The first episode was so full of effects and things whizzing about and zooming in. We get it, its a “cyber” show. They have calmed down on it a little bit.

Now when you watch TVs (or movies) which have a tech theme, there is often things which doesn’t really happen like that in real life but its made more “Hollywood” with nice graphics etc. However, in CSI:Cyber there are so many things which are just wrong/make no sense. It actually doesn’t feel like a CSI show.

And it managed to make Patricia Arquette, who only recently won an Oscar, look rubbish.

codeNow I am continuing to watch it. Why?? For one, since its a CSI show and has Patricia Arquette in it, it has the potential to get better (and apparently its going to be renewed for 2nd season). And if you want it as a comedy, its better. In a way its good. I have LOLed a few times when its just too stupid. Someone on Reddit actually said “It’s one of the best shows to goof on I’ve seen in a while”.

Anyway, I decided to make a list of things which are just wrong/make no sense:

  • IP address which doesn’t exist – wrong “format”. This used to happen on the time in movies/TV shows but they have got better.  A show about “hacking” has no excuse
  • On CSI: Cyber, dodgy code appears red and the code has stuff like “release malware” in it. LOL
  • Although Patricia Arquette’s character isn’t one of the tech experts herself, she works in the department and knows what is possible. But she seems surprised many times on what tech can do.
  • The episode was kind of about how people can post things on Internet as if someone else but they didn’t think about this with a suspect who they decided to manhandle and push against a wall – who turned out of course to be innocent.
  • They seem surprised that people post negative comments. Clearly never been on YouTube!
  • Following/chasing a car and this car goes through a stop sign so just assumed from that they are the “bad guy”. It just turned out if was some rubbish driver.
  • Somehow able to work out from phone’s GPS exactly how a fight went and how the people punched/kicked.
  • There were surprised how someone could copy someones photo (from a social media site) and put it on their own page.

I will probably be adding to this list as I watch more episodes!

My Vine videos used on news web sites

I have started using Vine more recently – but only really to film some football related clips. Over the last few weeks, a couple of my videos have been embedded on some news sites.

First, a Vine video I took showing Joey Barton lifting owner Tony Fernandes on his shoulder and almost dropping him was on the Metro newspaper web site. This video at the time of writing has 72 tweets and 47 shares on Facebook. A couple likes and “re-vines”.

Then more recently, a Vine video I took showing a cameraman (or woman) during a World Cup match zooming on very quickly to a good looking woman. Anyway, to distract from the boring match.

I found out that was on the Zoo Magazine web site from someone I follow on Twitter. That video has been much more popular. 7,649 tweets and 150 shares on Facebook so far.

vine-worldcupfan-zoomagazine vine-barton-fernandes-metro

Superbowl 2014

So it was the Superbowl on Sunday and as with the past few years, I decided to stay up late and watch it. I still don’t REALLY understand it but gradually learn a bit more as the years go by.

Who to support?

Since I know very little about American Football, I never know who to support. Last year I supposed the San Francisco 49s – because I have heard of them – probably because of Joe Montana.

Another year I supported New York Giants because I have been to New York. This year, after a bit of looking into it, I decided to support the Seattle Seahawks. Reasons including the fact its famous apparently for raining a lot (like Manchester). Plus Buzzfeed had an article on why should support the Seahawks.

Anyway, I clearly made the right choice! As I said don’t really understand it and its about 5 seconds of action then 5 minutes break but I know that Broncos were rubbish at defending – some laughable tackles and touchdowns (when running through the defence) always looks good!

Half time show

The half time show this year was Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I thought Bruno Mars was good. Some people were saying he was the wrong choice – not a big enough star – comparing to last year with Beyonce or previous years with Madonna or Prince. Bruno Mars has only been around about 3 years – his first album was released in October 2010.  He played his hits and got the crowd going.

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers only did one song.


Another big part of the Superbowl are the commercials shown during the breaks. You can watch all of them on a Superbowl page on YouTube.  I thought this year, it wasn’t that good. Usually there are several really funny ones. There were some good ones but some really awful ones. The stand out one was the Bud Light “Epic Night” ad which featured Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle and Minka Kelly. Also liked the Dorito’s Time Machine one (sure I’ve seen that before few months ago??) and the Newcastle Brown Ale one with Anna Kendrick in it. Also the Budweiser Puppy Adoption one is so cute! Aww! I have linked to my favourite commercials below:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle and Minka Kelly in Bud Light’s “Epic Night” (extended version)

Doritos Time Machine

Budweiser – Hero’s Welcome

Nice advert – but I particular like the song. Well the bit in the advert sang by Skylar Grey.

Budweiser – Puppy Love

Super cute. And another one where I like the song. (Passenger – Let It Go)

Honda – Hugfest

There are several different #Hugfest adverts out there. Have a look on YouTube. (Good because Bruce Willis has a reputation for being a bit “cold”).


Newcastle Brown Ale (Ft. Anna Kendrick)

The Full House guys in Dannon Oikos’ “The Spill”

Top Gear – F1 SIARPC

If your wondering what SIARPC stands for its Star in a reasonably priced car. Last night, Rubens Barrichello was the latest F1 driver to drive the original car.

He looked quick and it was. He beat The Stig’s time by 0.1 seconds. :D. Off the top of my head his time was 1:44.1. All the F1 drivers have been very close (Button, Mansell, Hamilton, Webber – his time was done in the wet)and the most impressive is still properly Lewis Hamilton with a time I think of 1:44.7 but it was in the wet. I am happy Rubens is the fastest – a top bloke!