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Chris Moyles show – End of an Era

The Chris Moyles show has ended 🙁 Personally, I am sad its ended. I’ve been listening to the Chris Moyles show in various different time slots pretty much since he was on Radio 1 around 1997/98. Now if your not a fan of Chris Moyles or the show, you probably won’t be interested in the rest of my blog post!!

Chris started in the early breakfast show so I may have heard a tiny bit of him before whoever was on at breakfast. Soon he moved to doing a Saturday show which was where I would have listened to Chris (and Dave) fairly regularly. He covered for the Breakfast a few times. His next main time slot was the afternoon where he (along with Dave plus various other team members) did the show for about 5 years. Then in 2005, he got the job he always wanted – the Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

This mean instead of listening to him driving home from work, I listened to him driving to work. It made the journey into work easier!! Thankfully the iPlayer and the whole Listen Again was invented and I was then able to listen to the bits I missed throughout the day.

The Haters

I know there are many Chris Moyles (show) haters out there but I reckon many of them have not actually listened to the show before or maybe never. I think some just believe what they read in the newspapers about how he’s some horrible, obnoxious ogre. If anyone actually listened, they would realise he’s nothing like this and is actually a nice, funny guy. Of course, I don’t expect everyone to like it – it can’t appeal to everyone.

No music … but thats what makes it good!!

One of the criticisms of the Chris Moyles show was the lack of music being played. In fact, in the opening half hour, no music is usually played. Its actually one of my favourite bits where they just chat about the news, what happened last night and often some random topic. As James Corden said in the Goodbye Show, its just like listening to a bunch of friends. If you want to listen to music, especially nowadays, you have lots of options to listen online to pretty much any station in the world or something like Spotify. I read someone say that as a DJ his job is just to introduce the song and press play?!?! Really. No talk at all, no banter, no interaction between station and audience??!

Final shows

The final 2 shows were on the Red Button – so you could watch the specials. I woke up at 630am to watch them both. The show finished off with a “normal” show in the studio but on the Thursday there was a special Goodbye Show from the BBC Radio Theatre. It had a live audience with Chris Moyles show fans and lots of celeb guests. Ant and Dec were on, presenting a special This Is Your Life. Guests included Gary Barlow, Billie Piper, Davina McCall, Fearne Cotton, Sara Cox, Roy Walker and as I mentioned before, James Corden. Is a fan of the show for so long it was emotional listening to what the guests had to say.

On Friday’s ‘normal’ show, the only guests in the studio was Richard Curtis and Comic Relief’s Kevin Cahill. They were there to say thank you – the Chris Moyles show team had done many things for Comic Relief and helped raise £10.4m. You may not like Chris Moyles and/or the show, but you have to give credit to them for that. One of the highlights of the show was the special Starboy song by McFly. Friday’s on Chris Moyles show for a few years have been called McFly Day – they would always play the McFly song, Stargirl. McFly recorded a special version of the song and sent in the video. Its worth checking out!

If you are a Chris Moyles show fan, I am sure you will have seen the show, the videos and listened in but if not, I recommend checking it out of Radio 1 site before its gone (and on YouTube). Also, get the special Podcasts including the very last one which is the whole of the last show.

If you are a fan of Chris Moyles (show) or even if not, I recommend reading the Guardian article by Peter Robinson about Chris Moyles –

Anyway, I just want to say thank you to Chris Moyles and the rest of the team – current and past. So Dave, Aled, Dom, Tina, Freya, Pippa, Carrie, Rachel, Matt, Sam, Jocelyn and everyone else who was involved in the morning, afternoon or weekend show.

Its not quite all over though. Chris is going on a tour in November. Its with “special guests” and I have heard that Aled is planning to be involved – whether its just a few shows or not, who knows. Hopefully other team members can but it won’t be the same. There is rumour that Chris will be doing a late night version of the Chris Moyles show – he’s contracted with Radio 1 till 2014. Lets see what happens….

Blink 182 gig

It was a long wait to see Blink 182!! I originally went to see them around 2004 which was a bit before they split. We bought the tickets back in 2010 for summer 2011. However, the European leg of the tour was delayed till 2012 so they could finish work on their latest album.

It was well worth the wait!! They were brilliant and in great form.

We went to see them in Manchester in the MEN Arena. It was a bit of a shame that our seats were right in the back corner. In fact, there were only about 4 rows behind us. Another shame was same idiot a few rows ahead. He kept waving his hand, side to side, with his mobile phone in his hand. It all started with a “slow” ish song and I thought he was waving it side to side like people do with a lighter. However, he continued for pretty much the rest of the show. I was lucky that he was not really in my line of sight (although he was when Blink did the first part of the encore and moved towards the back of the arena). My cousin filmed some of the gig and many were ruined by the idiot.

He wasn’t even waving in time!! He had the torch turned on, on the phone and he kept shining it into his friends eye???! One time and its a bit funny, messing about, but he did it about 8 times. His friend didn’t seem bothered though??

Anyway, the gig was amazing even with the idiot. We were lucky in Manchester that they played acoustic version of Wasting Time. First time played since 1998. Also played an acoustic version of Reckless Abandon. It went by really quickly, mixing old classics with newer songs. They was good banter on stage – Mark talked quite a bit to the crowd. Didn’t know that Mark actually lives in the UK now. But hes a Chelsea fan 🙁

Blink had 2 support acts. Twin Atlantic were a band from Scotland. Not bad – the last 2 songs were easily the best. The next support act were All American Rejects. I don’t know much of their latest album but really like their classics like Swing, Swing and Gives You Hell. Back to Blink and their setlist. As I said, they mixed the classics with the new stuff. Here is the setlist –

  • Feeling This
  • Up All Night
  • The Rock Show
  • What’s My Age Again?
  • Down
  • I Miss You
  • Wishing Well
  • Dumpweed
  • Always
  • Violence
  • After Midnight
  • When You Fucked Grandpa
  • First Date
  • Heart’s All Gone
  • Man Overboard
  • Ghost on the Dancefloor
  • All the Small Things
  • Josie


  • Reckless Abandon (acoustic)
  • Wasting Time (acoustic / first time since 1998)

Encore 2:

  • Can a Drummer Get Some (Travis Barker solo)
  • Carousel
  • Dammit
  • Family Reunion

I uploaded a couple videos (to Facebook). Here is The All American Rejects and heres a Blink video.

    Here are some photos inc. a few of The All American Rejects

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    Brits 2012: Shabbatronic

    So the Brits 2012 was last night. It wasn’t the most exciting ever but what most people will remember it for is when Adele had her acceptance speech cut short. James Corden was presenting and had the un-enviable job of having to stop Adele mid-flow while she was thanking people.

    It was tough for James as he was probably been told in his eye (and he confirmed today that 5 people were arguing in his ear to stop Adele (for Blur)). Would have been great to hear Adele thank who she wanted to. Her acceptance speeches are usually funny (her 1st one was) and passionate and you can tell how much it means to her.

    The Brits is all live so you can’t really delay the news etc. Saying that though, the news was delayed by a couple minutes apparently. Just an couple minutes and what difference would it have made.

    Damon Albarn waffling on and on …. and on

    As it turned out, we could have done with cutting the Blur performance as it was awful. Part of the reason, Adele had her speech cut short was because Damon Albarn blapped on for ages when accepting the award for Outstanding Contribution. The bosses/producers have apologised and James Corden apologised to Adele afterwards in her dressing room.

    I think what they should do, and I think they have done it before, is have the rest of the last act on ITV2. They could have ended the ITV1 coverage whenever they needed to and show rest on ITV2 (which was on straight after). I think it was 2-3 years ago (??) when Robbie Williams was the last act. ITV1 had 1 or 2 songs and then he continued for half hour on ITV2. It may not have been Brits but it was something like that.

    Anyway, back to the actual Brits and the music/awards.

    Coldplay and Rihanna the best performances at the Brits. Adele was pretty good but it was never going to be better than THAT performance last year. Bruno Mars was good but would have been good if he sang a medley of songs.

    Happy that Adele, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars won. Personally would have liked Jessie J to win something – shes had a great year. As usual some strange nominations – James Morrison for Best Solo Male Artist – he had 2 songs out in 2011 – one got to no.5 & the other no. 30. Kate Bush was nominated – she is every year no matter what. She had 2 songs out in 2011 and they didn’t even get into top 40. One was 73, other was 87!). Surprised Annie Lennox wasn’t nominated! Also, are Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds a group or solo act?? Brits seem to think its a solo act??

    The odd couple(s)

    Presenters of awards were a bit random as usual. Oddest pairing was Rob Brydon and Will.I.Am. Rob Brydon was one of the better presenters who didn’t some drunk/stoned or mess up his lines. I did like his little joke. Will.I.Am introduced himself and then Rob said “Hi, I am Rob I Am”. 🙂 A few of the awards are voted by radio listeners e.g. Radio 1, Radio 2, Capital Radio. The one voted by Radio 2 listeners was at least presented by people on Radio 2. But the Best Breakthrough – voted by Radio 1 listeners was presented by Cesc Fabregas and Nicole Scherzinger ?!?

    You would have though George Michael would have calmed things down after whats happened recently and not present the award drunk/stoned!! Also, what was that all about flying from Australia!! The way he said it was like he was showing off and was smug.

    Blur #fail (Oasis FTW)

    As I mentioned before, the Blur performance at the end was rubbish. It was like Blur karaoke. Apparently they are the headline act in the Closing Ceremony at London 2012! Oh dear. Back in the 90s, in the whole Oasis v Blur “battle” I was always Oasis. Seems like most people were if you compare there chart success. Oasis 1st song reached just 31 but the lowest position for the rest was 12 (in the UK) but vast majority were top 5. Blur’s last song in charts was in 2003 (excluded a limited edition single in 2010) and have had much less success.

    Other highlights:

    • Olly Murs entrance when he was shot out of the thing was good. Rest of performance was OK
    • Rihanna’s act. They threw so much paint about, you couldn’t see her at the en
    • Rihanna’s dancers …. wow 🙂
    • The random people walking infront of the camera. The first one was by mistake I think but he didn’t seem to either notice or care. The 2nd was the DJ/producer guy Labrinth – possibly deliberate??
    • One Direction were always going to win award voted by public. Didn’t know they were that popular outside of the UK – credit where credits due I guess. Helps being trending on Twitter all the time. At least its not Bieber and they seem alright.

    PS – Whats the big deal with Lana Del Rey?? Over-rated if you ask me. At least shes a happy, cheerful person though. Would be great fun at a party! *sarcasm*

    PPS – If your not a Chris Moyles fan, you will have no idea why I put “shabbatronic” in the title of this post 🙂 :p

    Melanie C gig – Northern Star!

    Went to see Melanie C with a friend the other week when she was playing in the O2 Academy in Liverpool. Took the train there as O2 Academy is right next to Lime Street station. I didn’t actually realise how close it was. Got out the closest exit and could see it.

    Ticket said it started at 7pm and we were in queue about 640pm. By the time we got in though it must have been about 715pm.

    I planned to get a t-shirt. The usual type with tour dates on back etc. However, the t-shirts to be honest looked crap. There was a yellow and a blue t-shirt, looked really cheap and like they had gone to the cheapest t-shirting printing place is stamp something on it!! Hopefully when on the proper UK tour next year, the merchadise is better!

    However, that was certainly not the end of our waiting. It was not until 8pm until the support act came. We thought it was starting earlier with lights changing and people coming on stage but it was always the same bloke and he was setting up microphones etc. Seems to do it a lot. Initially we thought it was the support act.

    The support act was James Walsh from Starsailor – remember them! They are actually “on hold” at the moment and James is concentrating on solo career. He played a few of their hits and new stuff but can’t really remember their songs and also he sang it acoustic so they sounded different. Most well known song is Silence Is Easy. The songs were OK but he has a great voice.

    He was on for about half an hour and it wasn’t until 9pm that Melanie came on. We were joking that maybe she was watching X Factor Semi-finals and waiting for the results!! LOL.

    Anyway, it was all worth the wait when she finally came on stage!! It was AMAZING. She came on a sang Rock Me (from her new album). A great one to start it all off getting people cheering and dancing.

    She was on for about 90 mins and sang old stuff and new stuff. Shes actually done 5 solo albums. Some bigger than others. Her debut album Northern Star is her most successful and was my favourite. Reason is another great album but if I am honest her 4th album This Time isn’t really that good – I still think shes great but not keen on the songs. Only like the song Carolyna from it. Her 3rd album Beautiful Intentions is alright. Her latest album The Sea I think is great. Counting the songs on it I really like, there may be more songs in The Sea than Northern Star. Maybe?? Unfortunately its not done that well in the charts in the UK but it does mean she plays at smaller venues which in a way I prefer. Better atmosphere, closer to stage etc. She is more popular – based on chart success – in Germany. All of her albums getting into Top 20.

    Back to the actual gig. As I said, she sang some old stuff and new stuff. She also sang a duet with James Walsh – her support act. She sang One by One with him – her co-wrote it with her. A brilliant duet. Other highlights included her playing the guitar while singing Burn – my favourite song from new album. Northern Star is always a crowd favourite. For the encore she sang 2 or 3 songs – can’t remember now!! But one of them was I Turn To You. A great dance song and got the crowd singing and jumping and dancing – even more. Its probably her most successful hit reaching no.1 in several countries including UK and Germany.

    I know Melanie C isn’t generally that popular but I think shes great. Brilliant singer with an amazing voice, down to earth and is super nice. 🙂 😉

    Overall a BRILLIANT gig. Just wish I was taller so could get better view. Anyway, going to see her next year, this time in Manchester. Can’t wait!!

    I have uploaded some photos below. Uploaded some videos to YouTube aswell –

    One by One (duet with James Walsh)
    Northern Star

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    BBC Radio 1’s Longest Show Ever with Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave for Comic Relief

    I know this was a couple weeks ago but completely forgot to blog about it. If you didn’t know, Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave were aiming to do the longest Radio 1 show ever. Beating a record set by Simon Mayo at 37 hours. By doing this, they would raise a lot of money for Comic Relief.

    While they were on the radio, people would text in to donate (and also online) to support them etc.

    While doing the show they found out that they could set a world record if they did more than 50 hours – I think thats what it was. In the end they did 52 hours. They started at 6:30am on 16th March and then finished at 10:30am on 18th March. And they did it all without sleeping at all.

    They were allowed a 5 minute break each hour and they could accumulate this time. In the end they didn’t sleep but did take I think about 2 breaks of about 20 mins each when they would shower, change clothes etc.

    The show was also online and on the Red Button on BBC as it was all being filmed. I thought it was great. For about 2 days, I didn’t watch any other TV. I didn’t stay up the whole 52 hours but did find myself watching it in the early hours of the morning – I am a night person so I properly would have been awake anyway!!

    There were so many highlights. The ones I remember are:

    • Olly Murs – some very good musical impressions
    • Hip Hop Karaoke – LOL!!
    • Davina McCall
    • Greg James – his naked dare
    • Scott Mills – his show included lots of great things like Innuendo Bingo & the singing Home and Away theme song
    • Katy Perry, Thandie Newton and Patrick Kielty randomly turning up in middle of night
    • Claudia Winkleman – shes crackers
    • Kissy Sell Out – didn’t think I would like his music (and some of it was just like noise) but some of it was great
    • Grimmy w/Lily Allen – another middle of night appearence – I think Lily was drunk. Never really listened to Grimmy but he was v good
    • Jimmy Carr – v funny
    • Philip Schofield and Richard Madeley
    • Andi Peters
    • James Corden – very funny
    • Fearne Cotton’s date with Chris

    For the past 2 weeks while Chris, Dave and the team are on holiday I have been listening to the show again – some of the bits I missed and some which were very funny. Someone recorded it all and then edited out the music so thats great! If you look on the BBC Radio 1 site there are loads of photos and videos which are great. They are also a load on YouTube where people have recorded the TV Red Button coverage.