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12 apps of Christmas – overall a bit rubbish!

So the 12 apps of Christmas for 2010 has finished and I have been disappointed. There have been some rubbish things! I guess I can’t complain too much since its completely free.

Having a look at last years free apps, I think 2009 was a better selection.

Here is last years free apps:

  • Snow Patrol ‘An Olive Grove Facing The Sea’ (Song)
  • Alan Partridge ‘Knowing Me, Knowing Yule’ (TV Show)
  • JLS ‘Everybody In Love’ (Music Video)
  • Trivial Pursuit (iPhone Game)
  • Robbie Williams ‘Morning Sun – Live in Berlin’ (Music Video)
  • Lesbian Vampire Killers (Film)
  • Outnumbered Series 1 Episode 1 (TV Show)
  • Labyrinth (iPhone Game)
  • Leona Lewis ‘Happy’ (Music Video)
  • Peter And The Wolf (Film)
  • Let’s Golf (iPhone Game)
  • Foo Fighters ‘Wheels’ (Music Video)

I still have the Trivial Pursuit and Let’s Golf game. I played the Labyrinth game for awhile after getting it. The selection of songs/music videos was better too I think. There were some crap things though including the movie Lesbian Vampire Killers and Alan Partridge is ages old – although many people think its a “classic” – I just think its alright.

This year the free apps were:

  • Day 1: Cheryl Cole – Promise This (Song & Video Bundle)
  • Day 2: Father Ted – Christmas Special (TV Episode)
  • Day 3: Duran Duran – From Mediterranea With Love EP (Song Bundle)
  • Day 4: Fishing Kings (iPhone/iPad Game)
  • Day 5: Life of Pi – Yann Martell (iBook)
  • Day 6: Michael Bublé – A Holiday Gift For You EP (Song Bundle)
  • Day 7: Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times (Movie)
  • Day 8: Broken Sword – Shadow Of The Templars (iPhone/iPad Game)
  • Day 9: Kings Of Leon – Radioactive/Arizona (Song & Video Bundle)
  • Day 10: Doctor Who – The End Of Time Pt.1 (TV Episode)
  • Day 11: Mirror’s Edge (iPhone/iPad Game)
  • Day 12: David Guetta (Music Video Bundle)

I suppose if your a fan of Duran Duran/Michael Buble/Father Ted then you would think its a better selection than me. I tried the Fishing Kings game – rubbish. Broken Sword – boring, Doctor Who – only the 1st part, 2nd part isnt free! Mirror’s Edge is alright. Usually cost £2.99 and it looks quite nice when playing it on the iPad.

Overall its been a bit rubbish but I guess its free. Just not as good as last year!

Twitter followers overload!!

Yesterday when I woke up I found out that I had about 20 new followers in about an hour. Normally it would take me at least a week to get that many new followers (or even longer). In the end during the whole of 25th March I had about 120 new followers.

It turns out that was mentioned in an article on Freelance Switch. It was an article aimed at anyone new to Twitter and some people to follower – “50 Freelance Followers on Twitter“. I was listed under the Designed & Developers and since my twitter username starts with “a” it was right near the top 🙂

Thanks Freelance Switch!!

If you want to follow me go to my Twitter page and click follow – @andrewyee.

iPhone OS 3.0

Apple presented the next major update to the operating system running in the iPhone. Even though I dont have an iPhone (want one though!) this is still pretty big tech news. Although, the iPhone is a fantastic device its certainly not perfect! One of the main things lots of people wants was Copy and Paste. This is now in it! Personally I think the iPhone (and iPod Touch – which I have) could also do with supporting Flash – still not happening 🙁

Anyway, the new version of the iPhone software (3.0) isnt out yet (out in the summer) but in a presentation they gave details of all the new features etc. It looks pretty good!! You can read more about it on the Apple site including watching the actual presentation (as I type this it is not online yet). Some key features:

  • Search your iPhone
  • Cut, copy, and paste
  • Send photos, contacts, audio files, and location via MMS (only in iPhone 3G)
  • Read and compose email and text messages in landscape

There is a more details summary list of the new features on

Bring down IE6: a .net magazine campaign

IE6 really shouldnt be around. Its getting old and just isnt standards complient!! We also now pretty much have IE8. The problem is that IE7/8 is not supported on Windows 2000 so that means most users of IE6 are business users.

The problem with IE6 still hanging around is that clients pressure web designers/developers to get sites working in IE6 and having to use various hacks and tweaks. It wastes time and money!! Microsoft need to sort it and get IE7 working on Windows 2000 – and get IE6 to automatically update to IE7 (or 8) or even better suggest Firefox!!

Clients pressure designers to ‘force’ sites to work in IE6, and designers, not wanting to lose business, comply, using hacks and workarounds. This wastes time and money. Microsoft needs to fix this, designers need to unite, and we all need to move on.

Heres a quote from Jeff Zeldman, standards guru:

“IE6 is the new Netscape 4. The hacks needed to support IE6 are increasingly viewed as excess freight. Like Netscape 4 in 2000, IE6 is perceived to be holding back the web.”

Bring down IE6!!