Another great win for Button

Jenson Button won the Malaysian grand prix to continue the brilliant start of the season for himself and Brawn GP. However, Jenson is still to finish a race in 1st place at full race speed. In Australia it was behind a safety car and in Malaysia the race was red flagged and they basically ran out of time and light. The maximum time for an F1 race is 2hours and also the race was started at 5pm local time so it was getting dark.

Before the rain came, Jenson drove brilliantly. He had a poor start and ended up in about 4th place. Around lap 16 when cars were pitting, he was about 2 seconds behind the leading car. He had a couple laps worth of fuel extra and put in some blistering laps. After his own pit stop he was well ahead of the “leading car”. His lap times during this period were more than a second faster than the next non-Brawn GP car – I that was with soft tyres about 16 laps old!

It was a great performance by the Brawn GP team with the tactics with the ever changing weather. In Malaysia when it rains, it tends to bucket it down. It didnt really rain till about 20 laps in (I think??) and at that point was quite light. However a few laps later it bucketted down and it can to stop the race. Cars were aqua-planing across the track. It was like a river!! Brawn GP did well choosing the right tyres for the drivers. Jenson pitted about 4 times for tyre changes.

They made sure they were on the right tyre at the right time. Unlike Ferrari, who once again cocked it up. They put full wet tyres on Raikonnen’s car when it was just spitting. By the time it properly rained his tyres were destroyed. It was a gamble and they could have looked very clever but they just looked stupid.

Since the race finished early all the points awards were halved so thats 5 points for Jenson. Next race is in China….

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  1. I went to school with the guy who picked up the constructor’s trophy for Brawn. Imagine my surprise when I saw a fairly uncool kid from school hugging Jenson! Very cool now though!

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