David Beckham’s UNICEF Match for Children

Went to the David Beckham UNICEF Match for Children at the weekend. As soon as I heard about the match I wanted tickets and put it in the diary when the tickets went on sale. As well as it being for a good cause, it was a great chance to see some great former players play and David Beckham back on the Old Trafford pitch and Fergie in the dugout.

Here are some of the photos I took:

The match was GB & Ireland v Rest of the World. Zidane was supposed to be captaining the Rest of the World team but did not because of what happened in Paris on Friday. Also, Petit didn’t come either. Completely understandable. (A few French players did play – Silvestre and Pires).

Before the match Andreas Bocell sang. I think he sang a couple songs – we arrived to hear him sing Nessun Dorma – incredible. Here is a video which I recorded of some of it.

Most of the Class of 92 played so that was good. Also, one of the favourite United players Solskjaer played but unfortunately he didn’t play for long – injury? There were quite a few United players actually – could have made a pretty good team – although not many defenders so a very attacking formation – like a Garth Crooks team of the week team!

Van Der Sar
Neville, Silvestre
Butt, Beckham, Giggs, Scholes
Owen, Yorke, Solskjaer

Subs: Van der Gouw, Fletcher, Smith

Maybe next year they can get Gary Neville to play. Rio Ferdinand was supposed to play but pulled out with injury and Andy Cole pulled out because of illness.

It was good to see some proper legends of the game such as Ronaldinho (just effortless for him) and Figo. Had actually seen Figo play in another charity match. Here is the official teamsheet:


Great to see some legends of the game. It was a good atmosphere at the game and several good moments.

Loads of fans kept shouting at Phil Neville to do his stepovers everything he got the ball, whenever Liverpool players, in particular Jamie Carragher got the ball they were booed (but he seemed to take it well I think and as banter).

Here is his tweet after the match as proof:

Here is a Vine of his reaction to being booed after his 1st touch:

It was a special moment when Brooklyn Beckham came on for his dad as a sub – and also when they were on the pitch at the end at the same time. Just wish Beckham (David) had scored. Here is the moment Brooklyn came on –

And here is a video of Brooklyn taking a corner, David heading the ball – but unfortunately went over bar.

Some of the players have still got it, some not so much. It was a bit unfair for the RoW team to be fair with the GB/Ireland team having players who still play football – John Terry, Darren Fletcher, Peter Crouch, Ashley Cole. Although some of them can’t get a game nowadays but still good players (and much fitter).

RonaldinhoRonaldinho still has the skill,  Beckham still can cross a ball – could do with crosses like his in the United team, Michael Owen came on as sub near the end for about 20 minutes or so and looked sharp, some good skill and scored couple goals. He is actually only 35 but injury took its toll. Although he is a former Liverpool player so I heard maybe few boos when he came on, he did of course play for United and even though he didn’t do that much with injury etc, he did score THAT goal against City.

When I watched the highlights in the evening, I managed to notice a lot more. I actually didn’t realise that Brooklyn Beckham was in the line up at the start so was not a surprise to some people when he came on. Also, it was good how Ronaldinho kept trying to lob the ball over David Seaman – like he did many years ago during a World Cup.

I also realised that David Beckham was directly/indirectly involved in all goals.

First goal: Cross to Scholes to score. It was actually a Class of 92 move. Butt passed to Neville, Neville passed to Beckham who crossed for Scholes to head in.

Second goal: Cross to Scholes who passed to Owen,

Third goal: Passed/cross to Cole who crossed ball into box.  Owen knocked it in after mistake by keeper.

One good moment which happened during the post match press conference was when a reporters phone started ringing in front of Beckham – so he answered the phone (but they hang up).

Here is the full post match press conference – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=810Z5YsKb_E

Is it the same guy demanding refunds after bad first dates??

Read article in September about a guy who demanded £4.50 “refund” for the drink he bought, after being declined for a 2nd date. The text conversation is worth reading! Doesn’t take it well.

Well, just read about a guy who asks for a £3.50 refund for the coffee he bought his (Tinder) date, after he was declined a 2nd date. Just like the other date, he sends bank details.

Is this the same guy?? Is he in some way doing some sort of “first date trolling”??

Manchester. The best place to live (and visit)??

Now I am biased as I live in Manchester and think its great. However, recently there seems to be an article out every week with different articles and surveys saying Manchester is the best etc.

Here are a few:

As well as what I mentioned in the previous post about all the investment in Manchester.

Manchester – new developments/future investment

There has been lots of news recently about the buildings soon to be built. The 2 most recent in the news are:

“Sister” Beetham Tower

Sister Beetham

The same architect behind Beetham tower designed this one. Designs for a new 42 floor building  were originally revealed back in 2012 by architect Ian Simpson but it was never built and the land it has been nothing but a half-built multi storey car park. The original plans were for a 18 floor hotel but failed to get off drawing board because of the recession.

Now the land has been sold and new owners Forshaw are working with Ian Simpson. Work is expected to start around the end of November – with construction likely to last between a year and 18 months.

Whitworth Street West

Whitworth Street West

Just a few days ago it was announced there would be a new 35 floor building to be built opposite Deansgate Locks. It will have apartments as well as a gym,  cafe and roof garden.  Its not final though. It went before planners this week (don’t know on outcome) and it faces objection from nearby residents and bars.

These two new building are all in the same area of the city centre as the new Axis Tower -bit of a “cluster” – which is apparently one of architecture’s favourite words.  Although the Axis Tower was announced in 2014 there is still no sign of the building. I think its still got the “coming soon” boards up. I drive passed every now and then and there is no sign of a big skyscraper there. (There web site still letting people register your interest and keeping up to date with news).

Axis Tower - how it will look



Recently there has been news of some really big investment in Manchester – by some mega rich people.

Great Northern Warehouse

New owners of the Great Northern Warehouse says that it will rival New York’s Soho district.  About £300m will be invested. Hong Kong property company Peterson Group bought the the Grade II listed building for an undisclosed sum.

Manchester is the place to be

Thats what a London investor said who has already spent  £500m this year on north west property. Apparently he says he has an appetite to buy more. Chris Perkins, head of business space at M&G Real Estate says Manchester is the place to invest.

Last month M&G – part of the Prudential insurance empire – revealed that they would provide the finance to build two speculative warehouses at Harworth Estate’s Logistics North site, Bolton – the latest in a long line of north west buys by M&G.

They included last year’s £306m acquisition of 500,000 sq ft of prime Manchester office space occupied by Royal Bank of Scotland at 1 Spinningfields Square and 1 Hardman Boulevard.

The Manchester Evening News has a map on their web site which shows some of the recent/new developments in Manchester including No.1 Spinningfields, Corn Exchange and No.2 St Peter’s Square.

John Lewis Christmas advert 2015 – and the parodies.

Its the time of the year when everyone released a Christmas advert and one of the most well-known (anticipated??) is the John Lewis one.

Its always trending on Twitter and the song is always a cover of a well-known song – and I think the song always goes to no.1.

This year, the John Lewis advert is #manonthemoon. Basically about an old man who is living on the moon alone but a girl sees him and sends him a present. The message is about loneliness amongst older people. John Lewis joined forces with Age UK. If you have not seen the video (where have you been!), here it is:

Personally, not really a fan of the advert. The song they use is Half the World Away by Oasis – the original is much better, although this version is OK. The Sainsbury’s Mogs Christmas Calamity is a much better Christmas advert.

However, some of the best have been the parody videos of the John Lewis Christmas advert. Here are some of my favs:

Star Wars parody

Horror movie parody

Hitler parody

There are loads of parody videos for this years John Lewis advert. It really seems to have got everyones imagination going – wonder how John Lewis feel about it?? Everyone is talking about it – maybe more people will shop there. They need to make some money because apparently it cost £7m to make. Not sure all that money was spent?? Maybe £6.5 on the rights for the song??