Jurassic World: Review

I don’t normally write blog posts for movies I watch – it would take me too long! But I do tend to with the bigger movies if I have lots to say – it tends to be when a movie is loved by some/most but I don’t really like it. The last one was Interstellar.

I went to see Jurassic World on Saturday. It was one of the movies I was most looking forward to watching this year. Jurassic Park (1) is a brilliant movie – its special effects still hold up to this day.

jurassicThe 2nd and 3rd Jurassic Park movies were generally disliked and although it was not as good as the 1st, I thought they were alright.

Anyway, to Jurassic World. It was an afternoon screening but the cinema was pretty much full. We arrived early so managed to get decent positioned seats – thankfully didn’t have to sit right at the front!

So many trailers! (Thats not necessarily a bad thing BTW)

Usually there are about 20 minutes of trailers/ads but it was almost 35 minutes until movie started. We had a trailer for some programme with David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff – which was all a bit random. We had I think 5 trailers – may than the normal 3. Is this a new thing. Trailers were Antman (still not sure about), Mission Impossible (looks good), Star Wars (can’t wait), Everest (tense) and Minions (was really funny).

My thoughts on the movie

On to the actual movie. (Before I continue, if you don’t want any spoilers at all, stop now). Overall I was a bit disappointed. Maybe because how the original Jurassic Park was so good and also it was one of most anticipated movies of 2015.


I found most of the characters annoying – so thats no help. And the characters were very stereotypical. We get the young, enthusiastic kid who knows everything, the older sibling who is moody, “horny” (although in this case he was just a bit creepy and just staring at girls – who just giggle back) and basically doesn’t want to be there.

Jake JohnsonAs for the adults we get the man in charge of things (the lab) who turns out to be a bad guy, we get a guy who is basically the hero of the movie who is ex-Army/Navy/Marine/Special Forces. At least the lead female character was not a damsel in distress character and actually saves the day in a way with the flare – but she somehow can outrun a T-Rex (which in the 1st movie could keep up with a jeep) while wearing high heels. My favourite character was the IT guy, Lowery played by Jake Johnson (Nick Miller from New Girl).

What’s wrong with Jurassic World?

Its time for my list of stupid/wrong things:

  1. Would you really have the Gyrospheres which can be driven anywhere around by children and no automatic recall. And during the Gyrosphere bit, there was the bit which was like going into a basement during a horror movie. The kids stupidly go down into some restricted error down some dodgy looking path. It was one of the many times I started laughing (at how stupid/ridiculous it was). #UnintentionalFunnyMoments
  2. It turns out Zach is as good with cars as Owen is with raptors. Somehow able to repair a jeep which has not been used for 20 years.
  3. The security guy Hoskins stupid plan to train raptors so they can be used e.g. by the army?!? Actually, talking about the training. What was Owen’s plan for the raptors with the whole “dinosaur whispering”??
  4. The Indominus somehow communicating with the raptors. It has been in isolation all its life for a start.
  5. I thought the special effects were not that good either. Sometimes it was similar to original Jurassic Park. Sometimes, like the shark, it looked pretty poor. It was clearly a homage to Jaws (Steven Spielberg’s was exec producer in Jurassic World) – maybe it deliberate to look like the original plastic Jaws.
  6. Surely now they will learn not to mess with dinosaurs! How many people need to die. (However, Jurassic World has already made loads of money so probably be another one. It took $511m in the opening weekend – most ever! In the US, it was just short of the record for an opening weekend help by The Avengers).
  7. Mobile phones for no reason stopping working. Just to add tension.
  8. That scene where the owner is asked who is flying helicopter and then it almost zooms into him as he “cheesily” says that hes flying the helicopter
  9. The assistant looking after the kids. Didn’t do that much wrong (was on her phone a lot) but she dies horribly eaten by a couple dinosaurs
  10. Divorce storyline – what was the point? For us to feel sorry for the kids right from the start? Not that I cared but we didn’t find out if they are staying together now or not.

Easter Eggs

The movie had many “Easter Eggs” – by this I mean references to the earlier Jurassic Park movies (mostly the 1st one). I noticed a few like  looking in rear view mirror, the T-Rex saving the day and roaring in that same building, the Gyrosphere crashing on top of people similar to the jeep. They didn’t do the water in the glass though! Someone has done a great video with them all.

So overall I was disappointed. Some good action but stupid, cheesy and annoying characters. But the score/music was really good. I just love the Jurassic Park theme!

Looking at reviews online and what I have heard, there are many people who liked the movie. At the moment its 70% on RottenTomatoes so not bad.