Its been a while since I have written a movie review. And usually I just add it to my Flixster account. But I thought I would write a blog post about Godzilla. Mainly because its probably going to be one of the top grossing movies of the year and it was probably the movie I was most looking forward to.

I watched it on Saturday, on a very warm sunny day. Seems odd being inside in a pitch black room when its such nice weather. Its not like we got tons of those in Manchester! Anyway, had already planned to watch Godzilla and I wanted to watch it pretty soon before hearing any spoilers.

I had managed to avoid watching most of the trailers. I like trailers but they tend to spoil things nowadays. I only saw the very first trailer released – it may even have been a teaser.

The movie is 2 hours 3 minutes long. When it comes to movies, I think almost all should be less than 2 hours. There are exceptions of course but sometimes it can result in the movie feeling boring. It may not help that your watching in a dark, warm place. I was going to say comfy seats but normal cinema seats are not THAT comfy.

Anyway, back to the movie. I think its best to say it was “OK”. I know plenty of people really like it. Some thought is was and others who actually think its rubbish. Even people who liked it have acknowledged its got its faults.

As I said, its OK but I was disappointed – because I was really looking forward to it. The special effects are mostly good, great cast and the soundtrack was decent too.  However, I found myself being a bit bored with it. I would give it a 6.5/10.  Now on to the spoilers. So if you have not seen the movie, go away now…..


Right, here I will start talking about particular things about the  movie so spoilers ahead…. You have been warned.

OK. The first thing is about the human characters and how they are boring and there is nothing much to them at all. The “hero” of the movie is played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. I have seen him previous in Kick Ass which he is good in. But in Godzilla, I thought he wasn’t that good. Maybe it was the script but he lacks any charisma. His character is a generic army bomb disposal guy.

Another bit involving Aaron Taylor-Johnson (ATJ) when was peculiar was on the train which has crashed and is hanging over the edge. Some people fall to their death but he holds on somehow and manages to grab the kid before he falls. Then it seemed to just cut to them both being OK. We just assume they somehow OK.

Wasted cast

There are several cast members who do very little.  ATJ’s wife just seems to spend most of the time just at the end of the phone taking and looking worried. His kid does nothing. The Japanese scientist guy, Ken Watanabe, just seems to say Godzilla or MUTO. The scientist woman, Sally Hawkins, just turns up a couple times in the movie and serves no purpose in the movie. Bryan Cranston’s wife, played by Juliette Binoche, has a role which is basically a cameo. The only interesting character is Bryan Cranston’s – and he’s killed off! Its a brave move to kill off Bryan Cranston’s character so it was a big shock/surprise but then we were left with just blandness. Also, when his character died, his son in the movie (ATJ) didn’t seem too bothered.

I didn’t like the fact that didn’t see enough of Godzilla. Although I wasn’t keen on the way he looked with his head looking kind of like a dog and sometimes like a man in a Godzilla suit – but thats probably just me! (You actually see more of the other monsters (MUTOs) more – including in one odd scene where you see the two MUTOs kissing). And when you do see Godzilla, it seems to be too dark since it was at night so you can’t see him really. And also during one of the big fights, some of it is just shown on some news programme.

Stupid kids in cinema

Part of my movie watching experience was ruined by the stupid kids in the row in-front messing about. There were about 6 of them and they were just talking, hitting each other and throwing stuff – including popcorn which hit me. At one point around the middle, they all left. Had they sneaked into the theatre and were now bored and going?? About 5 minutes later, 4 of them came back. Then 30 minutes later then other 2 came back. What were they doing? Towards the end of the movie, they started talking louder and more people were getting annoyed. Someone said “shhhh” – and then as it always happens, several people start doing it and saying stupid things to try and be clever. I did LOL to myself a bit near the end when one of the kids said “What?? Hows that happening??”. Seemingly forgetting the fact that he had spent most of the time messing about with his friends and about 30 minutes outside.

After the movie finished, people started clapping. Weird. Its only ever happened when I watched Titanic. And although Titanic to me is just OK, the ending is very dramatic and can kind of understand why people would clap – they was so much hype about that movie. Maybe the clapping had something to do with those kids??