HTC One annoyances

I was getting “bored” of the iPhone so decided to move to Android and get a HTC One (Red). However, since getting it I had a few “issues” with it. In the end I went back to Apple and got an iPhone 5s! Here was what I didn’t like about the HTC One (some specific to the phone, some Android I think??):

  • Camera isn’t very good in low light and dealing with different light
  • Data – seems to struggle to get on the Internet. Many times it says its offline
  • Battery – hard to say but may not be as good as iPhone
  • Cant click on top “bar” to jump up to top of page
  • Typing – I kept making mistakes. Probably just me though!
  • Some of the apps, with it being a large screen, should really have the “submit/save” button at the bottom of the screen. Not at the top. E.g. Expense manager
  • Evernote – kept getting errors. Not saving.
  • Words with friends – so slow loading games.
  • Syncing – HTC sync manager doesn’t see phone. When it does, its not as “good” – bit slow. Not as easy to manage photos. If wirelessly sync music, doesn’t update playlists.
  • Mail app doesn’t show conversation
  • Gmail app keeps drafts
  • Checking into things in FourSquare – share on Twitter. Kept asking me to log in when in gym. Didn’t seem to “remember” my login.
  • Not very responsive sometimes – when in browser, clicking address bar

However, I did like how it looked – with the large screen and the red colour – I got the Red version from Phones 4U.