United parade / Fergie retires

The other week, Sir Alex Ferguson (Fergie) announced he was to retire at the end of the season. Apparently he wanted to announce he was to retire, after the last home game at Old Trafford the following weekend but the news was leaked.

There were rumours on Tuesday evening going around Twitter etc. It was official confirmed the next day.

End of an Era

It really is an end of an era. He has been manager of United for 26 and a half years – since November 1986. Its incredible! Many, many United fans will not have known United with another manager. We are not used to have different managers every few years like some other teams.

There are a couple managers who have been manager of a team longer – someone was manager of Auxerre for 44 years – but he was not anyway near as successful as Fergie.

The Premier League title was the 13th Premier League title United have won. It was the 20th league title in total. With the year being 2013, it was just perfect. Also, at the weekend, Rio became the 20th different goalscorer. And of course, our top goalscorer was Van Persie – who wears no. 20 shirt.

Its going to strange next season but in some ways an exciting change. At first I wanted Mourinho as the new manager. He would almost guarantee trophies and is a brilliant manager. However, thinking about it, I think Moyes is a great choice. For United, its all about having a long term manager, bringing the youth through to the senior team etc. Also Moyes style of management, apparently, has similarities to Fergie.

As well as Fergie retiring, Scholes is also retiring (again). David Gill is leaving and the kit man Albert is leaving too. Gary Neville retired recently, his brother Phil Neville has left Everton (and retiring from football??). (And its now been announced that David Beckham is retiring at end of the season). Out of those “Fergie’s Fledglings”, its only Giggs left!

United parade

It was the United Parade on Monday. I went round to friend flat around 6 – he lives besides Deansgate so we got a decent view as the team went past in the bus. There were 6 of us all with our heads out the 2 windows taking photos (and a bit of singing) as they went passed.

Was a bit worried about the weather though. Around 3pm, weather went horrible. Rain, wind, hail, bit of snow, lightning and thunder! It was sunny in the morning. Thankfully around 5, the weather improved a lot!

My friend made a sign also which the team should have seen. It said “Thank You Sir Alex and Scholesy”.

There were tons of people everywhere. There were 100s of people on some scaffolding along Deansgate – crazy – not safe. People stood on top of bus stops. People climbing on cars – and causing some damage (idiots!). Also heard about some people smashing up the City Store. All football clubs always have some “fans” like this – its the minority. We should have more class than that!

Anyway, after the team went passed, we quickly left flat and headed towards Albert Square. It was all closed off though. To be honest, I thought it may have been closed off. Or even if it was not, we would not be able to get anywhere near. People had been waiting there for hours before the team arrived.

You can see the photos I took here – https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151586716111195.1073741828.597316194&type=1&l=34c82fffc5

Beckham to retire

David Beckham has announced he is to retire at the end of the season. He’s a Manchester United legend. He has always been a United fan and always has good things to say about United (and Fergie).

Lots of people have a go at him and say he’s over-rated. As he’s got older, of course you could say he’s not as good as he used to be BUT you may forget how brilliant he was. One of the best freekick takers ever, the range of passing incredible, great team-player and gives 100% in every game.

One of my biggest memories of him was THAT goal against Greece. There are other memories such as that goal from the half way line and the numerous freekicks and brilliant goals. THAT goal against Greece got us to the World Cup and I was there in Old Trafford when he scored it – and the place went crazy.

He’s played for England 115 times. The most of any outfield player. He was the first English player to score in 3 consecutive World Cups. He’s played for some of the biggest teams in the world – United, Real Madrid, Galaxy, AC Milan and PSG. Trophies he’s won – 6 Premier Leagues, 2 FA Cups, 1 La Liga, 1 Champions League, 1 Ligue Un. Pretty good if you ask me.

And lets not forget about all the charity work he does and he was a big part in GB getting the Olympics.

Good luck and thank you Becks!