Chris Moyles Live

Went to see Chris Moyles Live tonight – went with old uni friend Paul Gannon. Had a great time. We arrived just before 7 and saw a big queue. As we walked from car park to queue the doors opened. We thought we were at the back but loads of people came after us.

We were not near the back when we got in and even after using toilet and getting drink we were about half way back. By then it was about 730 so the wait till 815 wasn’t too bad.

I took plenty of vids and photos. It was great to see them live. I am sure most people didn’t know what to expect. What it just be like the radio show? Would Chris do “stand up”. It was kind of a bit of both plus singing by Chris, Dom and Aled and the music played by Rockaoke.

There was several singalong moments, Queen, Adele – I even found myself singing along to One Direction. And we had a “live” video link up with Ed Sheeran. 😉

Chris got a couple woman on stage to sing karaoke. They were very drunk – scarily, these 2 woman were nursery school teachers. Teaching the future of this country were these 2 woman! Scary. Also, he chose a guy to sing. He wasn’t drunk and not bad. He was a local DJ so was maybe a bit too confident.

There was no mention of Dave at all – although a few hecklers tried to get a response.

I thought Dom was the funniest. Fake Adele was LOL. Or rather “Faye Kedel”.

Laughed a lot and made me wish the radio show was still on!

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Formula 1 2012 season

So thats the F1 season over…. and what a season!

We had everything this season with great races, great overtakes, 6 different World champions, 7 different winners in first 7 races, Schumacher getting pole in Monaco – shame the rest of the season wasn’t too much to write home about apart from 3rd in Valencia, Hamilton putting his foot in it on Twitter, Raikkonen’s win, Grosjean trying his best to crash into everything,….. and Raikkonen having a go at his race engineer!

We also had a new race in America in Austin. What a great race track! Sounds like all the drivers loved it and we had a good race – Hamilton pursuit of Vettel was excellent.

Arguably the fastest car this season has been the McLaren so its been disappointing for them in a way. Finished 3rd in constructors championship. Reliability let them down and also some poor decisions. And things like not having enough fuel (although Red Bull did that too)! McLaren never had every 100% working smoothly all the time. First their pit stops were rubbish but good everything else, then the pit stops were amazing but other things went wrong.

Personally I wanted Alonso to win. I like Vettel – he comes across as a down to earth funny guy but Alonso drove better – his Ferrari guy was never the fastest car on the grid but he lost by a few points. Also, the combination of Vettel and Red Bull working together and seemingly always qualifying on pole and going into the distance, can be boring.

The last race in Brazil was great! It was a fitting end to the season! We had safety cars, some rain, Vettel getting hit and spun on first turn, Raikkonen taking a wrong turning and heading for a dead-end, Button winning…. after possible controversy after the race with Vettel passing under “yellow flag”. (Looks like its nothing as he had passed a green flag).

One of the sights I will remember from race (and season) is the look on Alonso’s face at end after the race as Vettel is celebrating. Gutted for him! I was happy Massa was on podium in home GP. He has improved a lot recently.

Highlights of season inc overtake on Schumacher in Spa by Raikkonen and Raikonnen radio talk to engineer in Abu Dhabi. Brilliant!

Heres his quotes –

“Just leave me alone, I know what I’m doing.”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes – I’m doing it all the time. You don’t have to remind me every second.”

Looking forward to next season already. How will Hamilton do at Mercedes? What about Perez in McLaren? Will Red Bull continue to dominate?

Do the BBC have all the races next year or is it like this year?? It is a shame that the BBC won’t have Jake anymore. He was great and the banter and chemistry between him, EJ and DC was great. Good luck Jake!

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