Why you should vote Obama (Please!!) #VoteObama

(Actually, I am not in the position or have the right to tell you who to vote for. But please DON’T vote for Romney. Please).

Its US Election day and right now, millions of people are voting. Personally I have been looking forward to this. I remember 4 years ago staying up late to see what was happening and finding out the latest. Things like Twitter are even bigger now so it will be interesting to see what rumours and bits of news we ail see.

Anyway, even though I won’t be voting – since I am not a resident of the USA – I thought I would share my votes on why people should vote for Obama (and in a way, why not to vote for Romney and the Republican party).

One amusing poll I saw a couple weeks ago surveyed almost 22,000 people in 21 countries who they preferred to be US President. On average, 50% favoured Obama. Just 9% favoured Romney! If anything, vote for Obama or else you could be hated by everyone else. In France, 72% favour Obama and it looks like just 2% favour Romney!

Obama has actually accomplished a lot since he became President.

Its not been easy for Obama with 2 wars and a near “Great Depression”!

Some of the things he’s done: (I have just copy and pasted from a web sitehere – saves me time):

Internationally, Obama has deftly managed the complexity of U.S. policy through the Arab Spring, killed Osama bin Laden, reset our relations with Russia, ended the combat mission in Iraq, banned the use of torture, restored respectability to the United Nations and the G-20, and successfuly (until now) contained a nuclear Iran. Would we like to see Guantanamo closed, troops out of Afghanistan, and peace in Israel-Palestine? Of course, but note the number of positives.

Domestically, President Obama has passed historic health care legislation, restored the financial system so that it functions, set up a Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, expanded national service more than ever before, reformed the student loan program, passed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and protected our national security.

Romney’s “distortions”

There are actually tons of points made on Obama’s site about Romney’s “distortions” – including flat out lying! Check them out.

Romney is not even winning in the state where he was governor.


Generally, the people of Massachusetts think he’s a rubbish governor. Its fair to say their are mixed feelings about him.


College – Pell grants


Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan has proposed a budget to eliminate $170b from Pell grants. Pell grants allow low-income students to receive funding for college without repayment. This would effect 1 million students if it passed.


Woman’s rights(or lack of them if Romney wins)


Romney has a problem with woman votes because of his view on things like abortion, contraception and other health issues. His view on Funding For Planned Parenthood? “Get Rid Of That”. Heres 5 Ways Romney has failed to stand up for Woman.


Romney dismissed nearly half of Americans as freeloaders


I am sure you have seen or heard about this video. He gave a private tai to wealthy contributors and said what he thought about voters who support Obama – thats 47% of Americans. He dismissed them as freeloaders who pay no tax.

Here is the vid on YouTube –


Romney keeps changing his mind on key issues


Gun control – in 2004 he passed one of the tightest bans on assault weapons in Massachusetts. But later on, he bought lifetime membership to NRA.


Obamacare– he can’t seem to decide if he’s for or against it.


Do you want a president who can’t make up his mind?




He advocates renewable resources but supports drilling in Arctic Wildlife National Refuge.


(Plus, Obama is so much cooler than Romney. American just got rid of the bumbling idiot George W Bush and they could have Romney as President, who can be “not very tactful”. He had a go at Obama for his response to attacks on Americans in Middle East – just hours after death of 4 Americans in Libya).


Gay people not allowed to marry


Romney states that “I believe marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman and I have been rock solid in my support of traditional marriage.” It is 2012 the last time I checked!

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