Summer of sport / Sports Personality of the Year

We have pretty much come to the end of the summer of sport for 2012 – although you could argue that the Ryder Cup at end of September is the end?? Anyway, its been a rather good summer of sport – especially for Great Britain!! As a spots fan, I had lots to look forward to with the Euro 2012 tournament, the Olympics and Wimbledon. However, its been so much more.

Euro 2012/US Open

Near the start of the summer we had the Euros. Euro 2012 is an overall good tournament – as expected England didn’t win but maybe did better than expected?? The final itself say Spain thrash Italy 4-0. In the middle of summer we had the Olympics and Paralympics and only recently we the US Open. I will talk about the Olympics/Paralympics in a bit but just to say that it was amazing the US Open and Andy Murray winning. First grand slam won by a Brit for 74 years! Added to his Gold and Silver in Olympics, its been a great year for him!

The Olympics and Paralympics have just been incredible – only problem was the empty seats issue but that was sorted eventually. I am sure you all watched it and have so many highlights yourself. As a Brit, I was hugely proud being British. TeamGB and ParalympicGB performed amazingly. London2012 is incredible – it was run so well. The volunteers (Games Makers) were excellent – so helpful, funny and friendly. The various ceremonies were outstanding (although some better than others – for example, the Olympic opening ceremony was much better than Olympic Closing ceremony).

So many highlights

There were many highlights (not just for Brits) from the Olympics and Paralympics including (in no particular order):

  • Mo Farah’s 5000m and 10,000m
  • Jess Ennis Heptathlon
  • Usain Bolt 100m and 200m
  • Greg Rutherford winning long jump
  • Chris Hoy winning again
  • David Weir – incredible that he can do short distances, medium distances and long distances.
  • Andy Murray winning Gold (and Silver)
  • Woman’s Team GB hockey team
  • Woman’s Team GB footballers beating Brazil
  • Nicola Adams in the boxing
  • Michael Phelps becoming the greatest Olympian of all time
  • Sarah Storey winning 11 Gold medals in Paralympics – in swimming in past and now cycling. 22 medals in total
  • Jonnie Peacock becoming fastest amputee sprinter in the world
  • David Wetherhill’s amazing, diving shot in the table tennis
  • Li Duan and his impression of someone from Bucks Fizz and removing his trousers in the blind long jump. Actually, blind long jumping was great viewing
  • The wheelchair rugby – aka Murderball. Brutal!
  • John Cundy’s ‘rage’ in the cycling when he was disqualified
  • Ellie Simmonds performance in the swimming pool
  • Ben Ainslie winning Gold again. But the bit I will remember was talking about his rivals and them accusing him of cheating. He said (in a Hulk way) that they made him angry (falsely accusing him) and they don’t want to make him angry!! 🙂
  • Victoria Pendleton – all that hard work and won a Gold (but she missed out on the individual sprint, controversially relegated)
  • The Brownlee brothers in the triathlon – incredible. Alistair Brownlee won and ran the 10km run bit of the triathlon just a minute slower than Mo Farah won his 10km race – so just minute slower after all the swimming and cycling!
  • Beth Tweddle finally winning a Gold medal
  • David Rudisha in the 800m and smashing the world record
  • Jade Jones winning taekwondo
  • When Chad le Clos won in the swimming pool, beating Michael Phelps in the 200m – the event which Phelps was basically indestructible in. The best bit actually was not the win, which was of course amazing, but the interview with his dad Bert le Clos with Clare Balding afterwards. Great interview, what a guy. Just so proud and happy for his son.
    Opening Ceremony with James Bond meeting the Queen – genius.
  • Oscar Pistorius – he didn’t do himself any favours when he lost he race and should have been more humble but was great to see him to winning. He’s not retired so will continue running but it has to be said he’s done a lot for the Paralympics in general to raise its profile etc.
  • The BBC commentators going made when Mo Farah won 10km. They also went crazy for I think 100m Mens final???
  • The Team GB rowers
  • Richard Whitehead in the 200m. The way he stormed passed everyone near the end.
  • Tom Daley – not quite the fairytale story and winning Gold but he should (and was) proud and happy to win Bronze. He (along with the other athletes) should be role models for children and not reality TV stars or footballers. As well as being an Olympic medal winner, he got straight A’s in his A Levels.
  • China’s Ye Shiwen in the swimming pool. Amazing!
  • The booing of politicians such as George Osbourne when handing out medals.
  • The Dad dancing by Boris Johnson and David Cameron when the Spice Girls were on
  • Hassani Djae Ahamada, of the Comoros Islands, and their only athlete, was disqualified for a false start but continued swimming regardless of the decision. Ahamada finished the S9 50m freestyle despite official’s efforts to try and stop him.
  • Lazaro Borges pole voting breaking into a few pieces
  • The Paralympics high jump event 😮

Thats quite a big list and I have probably forgot many others!!

Its just been great all of this, loved watching it and shouting at the TV. The comedian Adam Hill, who presented the Last Leg show on Channel 4 – highlights show for Paralympics said a great thing about the Paralympics. “Sydney was the 1st Paralympics where the competitors felt like equals, London is the 1st where they’ve been treated as heroes”.

Tour De France

Before the Olympics, there was the Tour de France which was won by Bradley Wiggins – the first time a Brit one. Then as I just said, Olympics and Paralympics where Brits did amazing. Then the other week, Andy Murray won the US Open – after winning Gold and Silver medal in the Olympics.

Sports Personality of the Year

With all this amazing success for Britain, the voting for the Sports Personality of the Year is going to be tough!! Very tough!! I think I heard that regarding special honours given by Queen – CBEs, OBEs, Knighthoods etc – that there will be a special section this year. Is that right??

Anyway, my guess for the top 3 for Sports Personality of the Year (not that it matters as much as e.g. winning a Gold Olympic medal) is:

Jessica Ennis

However, I could easily change my mind and David Weir, Mo Farah, Chris Hoy and several more could easily be top 3. I have looked at the bookies and Chris Hoy is 8th favourite – after what he has achieved this year – you know its an exception year when he’s 8th favourite!

This is just what I think it will be. Not necessarily what I want it to be since I can’t decide. It certainly won’t be an football who wins it!!

Chris Moyles show – End of an Era

The Chris Moyles show has ended 🙁 Personally, I am sad its ended. I’ve been listening to the Chris Moyles show in various different time slots pretty much since he was on Radio 1 around 1997/98. Now if your not a fan of Chris Moyles or the show, you probably won’t be interested in the rest of my blog post!!

Chris started in the early breakfast show so I may have heard a tiny bit of him before whoever was on at breakfast. Soon he moved to doing a Saturday show which was where I would have listened to Chris (and Dave) fairly regularly. He covered for the Breakfast a few times. His next main time slot was the afternoon where he (along with Dave plus various other team members) did the show for about 5 years. Then in 2005, he got the job he always wanted – the Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

This mean instead of listening to him driving home from work, I listened to him driving to work. It made the journey into work easier!! Thankfully the iPlayer and the whole Listen Again was invented and I was then able to listen to the bits I missed throughout the day.

The Haters

I know there are many Chris Moyles (show) haters out there but I reckon many of them have not actually listened to the show before or maybe never. I think some just believe what they read in the newspapers about how he’s some horrible, obnoxious ogre. If anyone actually listened, they would realise he’s nothing like this and is actually a nice, funny guy. Of course, I don’t expect everyone to like it – it can’t appeal to everyone.

No music … but thats what makes it good!!

One of the criticisms of the Chris Moyles show was the lack of music being played. In fact, in the opening half hour, no music is usually played. Its actually one of my favourite bits where they just chat about the news, what happened last night and often some random topic. As James Corden said in the Goodbye Show, its just like listening to a bunch of friends. If you want to listen to music, especially nowadays, you have lots of options to listen online to pretty much any station in the world or something like Spotify. I read someone say that as a DJ his job is just to introduce the song and press play?!?! Really. No talk at all, no banter, no interaction between station and audience??!

Final shows

The final 2 shows were on the Red Button – so you could watch the specials. I woke up at 630am to watch them both. The show finished off with a “normal” show in the studio but on the Thursday there was a special Goodbye Show from the BBC Radio Theatre. It had a live audience with Chris Moyles show fans and lots of celeb guests. Ant and Dec were on, presenting a special This Is Your Life. Guests included Gary Barlow, Billie Piper, Davina McCall, Fearne Cotton, Sara Cox, Roy Walker and as I mentioned before, James Corden. Is a fan of the show for so long it was emotional listening to what the guests had to say.

On Friday’s ‘normal’ show, the only guests in the studio was Richard Curtis and Comic Relief’s Kevin Cahill. They were there to say thank you – the Chris Moyles show team had done many things for Comic Relief and helped raise £10.4m. You may not like Chris Moyles and/or the show, but you have to give credit to them for that. One of the highlights of the show was the special Starboy song by McFly. Friday’s on Chris Moyles show for a few years have been called McFly Day – they would always play the McFly song, Stargirl. McFly recorded a special version of the song and sent in the video. Its worth checking out!

If you are a Chris Moyles show fan, I am sure you will have seen the show, the videos and listened in but if not, I recommend checking it out of Radio 1 site before its gone (and on YouTube). Also, get the special Podcasts including the very last one which is the whole of the last show.

If you are a fan of Chris Moyles (show) or even if not, I recommend reading the Guardian article by Peter Robinson about Chris Moyles –

Anyway, I just want to say thank you to Chris Moyles and the rest of the team – current and past. So Dave, Aled, Dom, Tina, Freya, Pippa, Carrie, Rachel, Matt, Sam, Jocelyn and everyone else who was involved in the morning, afternoon or weekend show.

Its not quite all over though. Chris is going on a tour in November. Its with “special guests” and I have heard that Aled is planning to be involved – whether its just a few shows or not, who knows. Hopefully other team members can but it won’t be the same. There is rumour that Chris will be doing a late night version of the Chris Moyles show – he’s contracted with Radio 1 till 2014. Lets see what happens….

Olympics 2012 / London

A bit late with my blog post. Actually, very late. The Paralympics are almost finished.

We had tickets for the morning session of the athletics in the Olympic stadium. This was actually a few days after the “Super Saturday” when Mo, Jess and Greg all won Gold. Unfortunately there were no Finals to watch but it was still great and was good to be in the stadium and in the Olympic park.

Most of the events were part of the Decathlon. It was a shame that the Team GB athlete retired injured the previous day. There was plenty happening though and stuff to cheer. Some of the athletes were better than others, interacting with the crowd. One particular guy, the Belgium decathlete Van Alphen, seems to be a crowd favourite. He waved to the crowd, got them clapping etc. When he did the discuss, his first throw hit the cage, then his next throw went “miles” and put him into the lead.

The session ended around 3pm. There was actually a big gap between the last event and the penultimate event. It was around lunch time so they probably wanted to give people time get something to eat. However, it did mean that many people didn’t come back for the last event and therefore empty seats in stadium.

Actually, that brings me to the point about empty seats. It was all over the news about empty seats and there were plenty of empty seats in the stadium – a whole chunk of them in particular in a very good place – near the finish line. Hmmm.

One of the other events which was not part of Decathlon was the 400m Team Relay. This had Team GB in it. The crowd went crazy when they were announced and of course when the race got started. It was good that they won the heat.

While in the stadium area, you are a bit limited to what to eat. Also, since you were not allowed outside the Olympic Stadium bit of the park, you couldn’t go elsewhere and they took advantage of this charging crazy money. I think the fish and chips was about £11?

After the morning session, we wandered around the park. We planned to go to ParkLive (where the big screen was) to watch the 200m Mens final – which was on later that night. We had plenty of time though it it wasn’t till about 9pm. There was a big queue to get in the main entrance. However, we walked past another entrance – which turned out to be an exit. But the officials decided to let people through. We decided to go in then. It was a long wait for the 200m final but we saw plenty of things on the TV inc. the hockey and the 800m final.

One thing I will remember about my Olympic experience is the volunteers (or rather “Games Makers”). They were all so happy, friendly, funny and welcoming. Well done to them and generally the organisation of the whole thing. There were people to help everywhere. Near the park, in tube stations, in Leicester Square,…. seemed to be everywhere.

I was a bit worried that London would be really busy and one thing I hate about London is the Underground. As I sure you heard, London was not that busy at all. It was good that if you had an Olympic ticket, you had a All Day Underground ticket – you basically had free transport for all zones on the Underground all day.

Apart from going to the Olympics, I did take the opportunity to check out the Apple Store. Was somewho expecting more since it was the biggest (or was at one point). Did get to see the new Retina Display Macbook Pro though and they were giving out free Union Jack iPad metal badges – which was nice of them.

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