Blink 182 gig

It was a long wait to see Blink 182!! I originally went to see them around 2004 which was a bit before they split. We bought the tickets back in 2010 for summer 2011. However, the European leg of the tour was delayed till 2012 so they could finish work on their latest album.

It was well worth the wait!! They were brilliant and in great form.

We went to see them in Manchester in the MEN Arena. It was a bit of a shame that our seats were right in the back corner. In fact, there were only about 4 rows behind us. Another shame was same idiot a few rows ahead. He kept waving his hand, side to side, with his mobile phone in his hand. It all started with a “slow” ish song and I thought he was waving it side to side like people do with a lighter. However, he continued for pretty much the rest of the show. I was lucky that he was not really in my line of sight (although he was when Blink did the first part of the encore and moved towards the back of the arena). My cousin filmed some of the gig and many were ruined by the idiot.

He wasn’t even waving in time!! He had the torch turned on, on the phone and he kept shining it into his friends eye???! One time and its a bit funny, messing about, but he did it about 8 times. His friend didn’t seem bothered though??

Anyway, the gig was amazing even with the idiot. We were lucky in Manchester that they played acoustic version of Wasting Time. First time played since 1998. Also played an acoustic version of Reckless Abandon. It went by really quickly, mixing old classics with newer songs. They was good banter on stage – Mark talked quite a bit to the crowd. Didn’t know that Mark actually lives in the UK now. But hes a Chelsea fan 🙁

Blink had 2 support acts. Twin Atlantic were a band from Scotland. Not bad – the last 2 songs were easily the best. The next support act were All American Rejects. I don’t know much of their latest album but really like their classics like Swing, Swing and Gives You Hell. Back to Blink and their setlist. As I said, they mixed the classics with the new stuff. Here is the setlist –

  • Feeling This
  • Up All Night
  • The Rock Show
  • What’s My Age Again?
  • Down
  • I Miss You
  • Wishing Well
  • Dumpweed
  • Always
  • Violence
  • After Midnight
  • When You Fucked Grandpa
  • First Date
  • Heart’s All Gone
  • Man Overboard
  • Ghost on the Dancefloor
  • All the Small Things
  • Josie


  • Reckless Abandon (acoustic)
  • Wasting Time (acoustic / first time since 1998)

Encore 2:

  • Can a Drummer Get Some (Travis Barker solo)
  • Carousel
  • Dammit
  • Family Reunion

I uploaded a couple videos (to Facebook). Here is The All American Rejects and heres a Blink video.

    Here are some photos inc. a few of The All American Rejects

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