Brits 2012: Shabbatronic

So the Brits 2012 was last night. It wasn’t the most exciting ever but what most people will remember it for is when Adele had her acceptance speech cut short. James Corden was presenting and had the un-enviable job of having to stop Adele mid-flow while she was thanking people.

It was tough for James as he was probably been told in his eye (and he confirmed today that 5 people were arguing in his ear to stop Adele (for Blur)). Would have been great to hear Adele thank who she wanted to. Her acceptance speeches are usually funny (her 1st one was) and passionate and you can tell how much it means to her.

The Brits is all live so you can’t really delay the news etc. Saying that though, the news was delayed by a couple minutes apparently. Just an couple minutes and what difference would it have made.

Damon Albarn waffling on and on …. and on

As it turned out, we could have done with cutting the Blur performance as it was awful. Part of the reason, Adele had her speech cut short was because Damon Albarn blapped on for ages when accepting the award for Outstanding Contribution. The bosses/producers have apologised and James Corden apologised to Adele afterwards in her dressing room.

I think what they should do, and I think they have done it before, is have the rest of the last act on ITV2. They could have ended the ITV1 coverage whenever they needed to and show rest on ITV2 (which was on straight after). I think it was 2-3 years ago (??) when Robbie Williams was the last act. ITV1 had 1 or 2 songs and then he continued for half hour on ITV2. It may not have been Brits but it was something like that.

Anyway, back to the actual Brits and the music/awards.

Coldplay and Rihanna the best performances at the Brits. Adele was pretty good but it was never going to be better than THAT performance last year. Bruno Mars was good but would have been good if he sang a medley of songs.

Happy that Adele, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars won. Personally would have liked Jessie J to win something – shes had a great year. As usual some strange nominations – James Morrison for Best Solo Male Artist – he had 2 songs out in 2011 – one got to no.5 & the other no. 30. Kate Bush was nominated – she is every year no matter what. She had 2 songs out in 2011 and they didn’t even get into top 40. One was 73, other was 87!). Surprised Annie Lennox wasn’t nominated! Also, are Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds a group or solo act?? Brits seem to think its a solo act??

The odd couple(s)

Presenters of awards were a bit random as usual. Oddest pairing was Rob Brydon and Will.I.Am. Rob Brydon was one of the better presenters who didn’t some drunk/stoned or mess up his lines. I did like his little joke. Will.I.Am introduced himself and then Rob said “Hi, I am Rob I Am”. ๐Ÿ™‚ A few of the awards are voted by radio listeners e.g. Radio 1, Radio 2, Capital Radio. The one voted by Radio 2 listeners was at least presented by people on Radio 2. But the Best Breakthrough – voted by Radio 1 listeners was presented by Cesc Fabregas and Nicole Scherzinger ?!?

You would have though George Michael would have calmed things down after whats happened recently and not present the award drunk/stoned!! Also, what was that all about flying from Australia!! The way he said it was like he was showing off and was smug.

Blur #fail (Oasis FTW)

As I mentioned before, the Blur performance at the end was rubbish. It was like Blur karaoke. Apparently they are the headline act in the Closing Ceremony at London 2012! Oh dear. Back in the 90s, in the whole Oasis v Blur “battle” I was always Oasis. Seems like most people were if you compare there chart success. Oasis 1st song reached just 31 but the lowest position for the rest was 12 (in the UK) but vast majority were top 5. Blur’s last song in charts was in 2003 (excluded a limited edition single in 2010) and have had much less success.

Other highlights:

  • Olly Murs entrance when he was shot out of the thing was good. Rest of performance was OK
  • Rihanna’s act. They threw so much paint about, you couldn’t see her at the en
  • Rihanna’s dancers …. wow ๐Ÿ™‚
  • The random people walking infront of the camera. The first one was by mistake I think but he didn’t seem to either notice or care. The 2nd was the DJ/producer guy Labrinth – possibly deliberate??
  • One Direction were always going to win award voted by public. Didn’t know they were that popular outside of the UK – credit where credits due I guess.ย Helps being trending on Twitter all the time. At least its not Bieber and they seem alright.

PS – Whats the big deal with Lana Del Rey?? Over-rated if you ask me. At least shes a happy, cheerful person though. Would be great fun at a party! *sarcasm*

PPS – If your not a Chris Moyles fan, you will have no idea why I put “shabbatronic” in the title of this post ๐Ÿ™‚ :p

Manchester city centre – council deliberately causing more traffic?? Creating a reason for congestion charge??

There has been work done over last week on Deansgate in Manchester (UK) near Peter St after a set of traffic lights. For some reason, they are reducing the number of lanes from 2 to 1. 

At the traffic lights, it used to have 2 lanes. Both lanes were for going straight ahead (as well as one lane turning left, the other turning right). Now the left lane is only to turn left, the right hand continues to be for turning right and go straight ahead.

If someone wants to go straight ahead and someone is waiting at lights to turn right, they are blocked!! They can go on to the left lane which is for left turn only and this increases the chance of accidents and causing traffic problems. What its going to result in is traffic backing up Deansgate towards the Hilton Hotel.

Personally I think they are just doing this to create more traffic jams and traffic problems. It was a while ago that they were talking about the congestion charge in Manchester city centre. They were claiming big traffic jams were in the city centre – which they wasn’t really.

To add to this, I have just read today that they are planning to close the “entrance” to Deansgate (Victoria Street) which is by the cathedral and near Harvey Nichols. The plan is to make it pedestrian only. This will just re-direct drivers elsewhere, making them busy. 

Another way to create traffic jams so you can prove we need congestion charge!?

All this after last year and you introducing the extended parking charges. Vast majority of people didn’t agree with it. Shoppers would take custom elsewhere and go to e.g. Trafford Centre. 

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