Melanie C gig – Northern Star!

Went to see Melanie C with a friend the other week when she was playing in the O2 Academy in Liverpool. Took the train there as O2 Academy is right next to Lime Street station. I didn’t actually realise how close it was. Got out the closest exit and could see it.

Ticket said it started at 7pm and we were in queue about 640pm. By the time we got in though it must have been about 715pm.

I planned to get a t-shirt. The usual type with tour dates on back etc. However, the t-shirts to be honest looked crap. There was a yellow and a blue t-shirt, looked really cheap and like they had gone to the cheapest t-shirting printing place is stamp something on it!! Hopefully when on the proper UK tour next year, the merchadise is better!

However, that was certainly not the end of our waiting. It was not until 8pm until the support act came. We thought it was starting earlier with lights changing and people coming on stage but it was always the same bloke and he was setting up microphones etc. Seems to do it a lot. Initially we thought it was the support act.

The support act was James Walsh from Starsailor – remember them! They are actually “on hold” at the moment and James is concentrating on solo career. He played a few of their hits and new stuff but can’t really remember their songs and also he sang it acoustic so they sounded different. Most well known song is Silence Is Easy. The songs were OK but he has a great voice.

He was on for about half an hour and it wasn’t until 9pm that Melanie came on. We were joking that maybe she was watching X Factor Semi-finals and waiting for the results!! LOL.

Anyway, it was all worth the wait when she finally came on stage!! It was AMAZING. She came on a sang Rock Me (from her new album). A great one to start it all off getting people cheering and dancing.

She was on for about 90 mins and sang old stuff and new stuff. Shes actually done 5 solo albums. Some bigger than others. Her debut album Northern Star is her most successful and was my favourite. Reason is another great album but if I am honest her 4th album This Time isn’t really that good – I still think shes great but not keen on the songs. Only like the song Carolyna from it. Her 3rd album Beautiful Intentions is alright. Her latest album The Sea I think is great. Counting the songs on it I really like, there may be more songs in The Sea than Northern Star. Maybe?? Unfortunately its not done that well in the charts in the UK but it does mean she plays at smaller venues which in a way I prefer. Better atmosphere, closer to stage etc. She is more popular – based on chart success – in Germany. All of her albums getting into Top 20.

Back to the actual gig. As I said, she sang some old stuff and new stuff. She also sang a duet with James Walsh – her support act. She sang One by One with him – her co-wrote it with her. A brilliant duet. Other highlights included her playing the guitar while singing Burn – my favourite song from new album. Northern Star is always a crowd favourite. For the encore she sang 2 or 3 songs – can’t remember now!! But one of them was I Turn To You. A great dance song and got the crowd singing and jumping and dancing – even more. Its probably her most successful hit reaching no.1 in several countries including UK and Germany.

I know Melanie C isn’t generally that popular but I think shes great. Brilliant singer with an amazing voice, down to earth and is super nice. 🙂 😉

Overall a BRILLIANT gig. Just wish I was taller so could get better view. Anyway, going to see her next year, this time in Manchester. Can’t wait!!

I have uploaded some photos below. Uploaded some videos to YouTube aswell –

One by One (duet with James Walsh)
Northern Star

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