#Jenson200 – a great win for Jenson Button!

It was Jenson Button’s 200 F1 race and it was a great way to celebrate with an excellent win in an exciting race. The Hungarian GP was in slightly wet/changeable conditions which are perfect for Jenson Button with his driving style and experience.

F1 is now on a little summer break – I think its a 4 week break before its back at Spa in Belgium. Vettel is still miles ahead and actually extended his lead this weekend. However, Red Bull have only won 1 of the last 5 races and McLaren have won 3. Its all hotting up for an exciting 2nd half of the season. McLaren have done really well recently – even improving qualifying performance. The a few races ago, Martin Whitmarsh’s job was apparently at risk! Ferrari are improving too – I hope we get to see the old Massa and he picks up some form.

Its not that I don’t like Vettel – hes a top bloke (as shown on Top Gear few weeks ago). Its just boring the same driver always getting pole and winning. I suppose if your a fan of them then its different. I am a Jenson Button fan so I wasnt complaining in the year he was at Brawn!

Formula 1 – Moving to Sky next year :(

OK, the headline above may be a bit mis-leading as the BBC will still have some of the races. It will have half the races including the British Grand Prix, Monaco and the last race of the season. Details of the other races has not been revealed. I hope the BBC still have the Canadian Grand Prix as thats probably my favourite. Also like the Australian Grand Prix and would be good to have the night race of Singapore.

Sky will have all the races and when the BBC doesnt have the live race, they will  have “extended highlights”. However, I have read today that Bernie Ecclestone has apparently said it won’t be highlights but actually the whole race repeated?? We will see. As well as the BBC race coverage, its everything else thats made it brilliant on the BBC. The whole build-up, all the analysis, the red button coverage with all the practices and most of all the F1 Forum. Its brilliant!! They get some excellent coverage of what happens after a race and quite often get right in the middle of it. Where else would you see Eddie Jordan end up fully clothed in a swimming pool – about 3 times!

It will be interesting to see if all the current BBC F1 team stay. I think they are all great from Jake, Martin, DC, EJ, Ted Kravitz and Lee McKenzie. The radio 5 team including David Croft and Anthony Davidson are great too. Martin Brundle only found out on Friday himself. He says hes out of contract and not impressed. Heres his tweet on Twitter – http://twitter.com/#!/MBrundleF1/status/96854735444901888

I don’t have Sky Sports and not planning to spend £360 a year for the full Sky Sports HD pack – although I do have it on my mobile with Sky Mobile but thats just £8 a month.  One question is the ad breaks will be back when its on Sky. When it was on ITV, there were ad breaks and you often missed things. In a sport like F1, leaving the action is just not ideal. (I have read somewhere that they may be going ad break free?? They will still have ad breaks during the pre and post race show though!

There is a deal/agreement somewhere that it needs to be all on free-to-air TV. With it going to Sky it kind of isn’t – although its been argued it technically is with the highlights being on BBC. However, this could mean a big drop in audience figures and with less people watching, it will mean less money so people arent going to be happy!!

Its a real shame that in the UK, where most of the F1 teams are based, that you won’t be able to watch all of the races from 2012 live! 🙁 Barbara Slader, director of BBC Sport says “We are absolutely delighted that F1 will remain on the BBC”. How can she be “delighted”??

On the bright side, at least its not completely axed from the BBC. There was talk that it could been in deal between Channel 4 and Sky.

The British government should have added F1 races to list of protected events when it last had the chance to do so in 2009. In suppose, at the end of the day its all about money and the BBC need to  save money!

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. Review

Went to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon last night. Overall I enjoyed it. That saying I do like a good blockbuster movie with loads of explosions, fast cars etc so generally Michael Bay movies are my thing. They may not win Oscars or be subtle but good for just a fun night out at cinema without having to think too much!!

Its got very mixed reviews – but dont all Michael Bay movies?? People have been saying how the 1st transformers was alright but really hated the 2nd one. I think I need to check them out again as I liked them both – maybe I am getting confused and merging the best bits of the 2 movies together??

Anyway, on to the movie. For a start its 2.5 hours which is very long for this type of movie. Probably too long and too much padding, in particular the first half or so. It starts off slowly introducing the story. Basically the story is there are about some columns from Cybertron which are able to bring the whole planet “to Earth” – and then basically the Decepticons taking over the world – not a good thing.

There were attempts at clever special effects/lookalikes/camera work and uses actual footage from the 1960s at the time when Apollo 11 was being built and eventually sent into space. I personally didnt think this quite worked.

There were some interesting cameos including John Malkovich (as some perma-tan crazy boss) and Ken Jeong – kind of playing the same character as usual again but I found some of it funny – reading other reviews, some people didnt.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Going back to the very start of the movie and we see Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. We quickly see why Rosie was hired with one of the first scenes basically showing her bum. Soon after, you can see that she just cant act. She looks amazing hot but just cant act!! (Shes the FHM sexiest woman and I think also Maxim – even though her nose you could argue is a touch big. Nothing personal, just a personal opinion. Not like I can talk!!). Thankfully, she isnt in too many scenes. If it wasnt for her, I would probably give the film 4/5. Its amazing that this is her first EVER movie/TV role of any kind. There are many many other actresses out there who can act and who look just as hot. Off the top of my head – Mila Kunis
Maggie Q or Kristen Bell??

I thought Shia LaBeouf was pretty good. There were some funny moments in the movie – bit more than expected – and he was involved in pretty much all of them.

When humans are killed in the movie and shot by the robots, they end up being turned into dust/smoking skeletons. Bit surprised it was this “graphic” for a family movie.

Product placement overload 🙁

One of the things which annoyed me about this movie – and other movies like it – is all the product placement. Its not even subtle. Lenovo, Cisco and Nokia to name a few. They must have paid a lot!!

We watched the movie in 3D. I am not a fan of 3D movies and think they are a waste of money. Its just a way for movie companies to get more money. However, I had heard that the 3D in Transformers 3 was very good so we went for the 3D Version. It was OK at times but once again pointless. Just no need for it!! For one thing, the glasses just made things darker. Also, it was sometimes just blurry. It would be better maybe if they could just turn up the brightness! However, I think having to wear the glasses is a big stumbling block. When it goes glasses free then maybe it will have a future. I found them straining my eyes and they were getting tired – especially with a 2.5 hour movie!!

Like I said at the start, overall I enjoyed the movie. Car chases with some beautiful cars, explosions, token hot woman – thats all good. The special effects were amazing. The last 45 minutes of the movie is just all none stop action. You may have seen in the trailers with the snack robot and the skyscraper. That is just brilliant!

Re-using scenes??

Even with all the money he has to spend on this movie, Michael Bay still tries to save a bit of money. Its tough times in the world I guess with all the financial problems – every little helps!! LOL. There are 2 scenes with seem to be re-used from his movie The Island. Check out this video – scene 2 in particular looks identical with the buildings in background etc. Heres the vid – http://gawker.com/5817713/michael-bay-just-re+using-from-the-island-for-transformers-3

Spoiler .. stop reading if you have not seen movie

(Spoiler….) – When they wanted to blow up the column things and only had one bazooka to fire, why didnt one of the Autobots blow it up (sooner than they did)??