England Captaincy / England v Ghana

I know I am a bit slow to blog about this but anyway …. Actually after last nights match and Gareth Barry being named captain I have more to blog about.

Anyway, going back to Capello’s decision to name John Terry as the new permanent England captain … again. I can understand why he may have been captain for a match or 2 but why permanent captain?? Terry is still an idiot and the reasons he lost the captaincy are still valid. If Capello felt Rio was no longer good enough for whatever reason, why not pick the England vice captain – Gerrard??

Rio may have been injured for a load of games recently so I can understand him wanting someone else but John Terry has played less games for England I think in the last 12-18 months?? I am sure I read that somewhere.

Also, his decision not the speak to Rio about the decision and before announcing it to the world. Disappointing.

England v Ghana

It was an England friendly match last night against Ghana. It was a really good match and not really like a friendly match. I am a big fan of Ghana. They really go for it in a match and their fans are amazing. The atmosphere and the noise from the fans was great! Very happy that they equalised at the end. Great goal from Gyan.

Last night Gareth Barry was the captain. He wasnt even in the squad for the Wales match at the weekend?? To be fair he had a very good game. England played very well overall especially in the first half. Ashley Young continued his good form and even Downing was half decent in 1st half. However, ITV Football’s decision to name Downing as Man of the Match is strange to say the least. Shouldn’t be surprised though as the ITV Football studio team are rubbish. Adrian Chiles just stumbles his way through and says “ehhhh” after every other word, then they had Marcel “for sure” Desailly and then Gareth Southgate!!! Oh dear. Its saying something when Danny Murphy was the beset person in the studio!

The Gadget Show filming

At the start of February I went to the filming of The Gadget Show. It was the first time the Gadget Show was being filmed outside Birmingham and also in front of a live studio audience. It was in the Museum of Science and Industry (MoSI) in Manchester.

The tickets were free and booked through the web site Lost on TV. I applied early and also my cousin Kevin managed to get tickets. 🙂 My other cousin Mark applied but left it too late 🙁

The filming started at about 2pm. We joined the queue about an hour before and there was about 50 people ish in front of us. As you can see from the photos, the audience just stand so no seats. This has its pros and cons though! Standing so can get closer to the action but you are standing for hours (and for me being short I saw the back of peoples heads if I stood in the wrong place).

There was one break to get a drink and stretch legs and after the break I managed to get right near the “robot track” – if you watched the show you may remember them racing a load of robots to see which was the fastest. It turned out to be a great spot and I managed to get on TV!

The filming finished at just before 7pm so it was actually on time. It was a great day and good to see a show being filmed. All the Gadget Show presenters are funny – especially Jason Bradbury. Suzi Perry and Pollyanna Woodward looked beautiful. In particular Pollyanna – WOW!

I got photos with both Suzi and Pollyanna. Not the best photos ever as one is a bit blurry and the other I got timing wrong and wasnt smiling so you just see my gormless face next to the beautiful Pollyanna!! Oh well. Hopefully there will be another Gadget Show filming in Manchester.

To see the photos, go to my Posterous blog –


Chelsea v United

So it was the “big match” last night between Chelsea and United. This was the re-scheduled match – originally it was supposed to be played just before Christmas but postponed because of the weather. (Although, the weather wasn’t that bad in the end and seems to worked out for Chelsea who were playing crap then).

Anyway, to the actual match. The match finished 2-1 and had plenty of incidents. Before the match there was talk about whether Rooney should have even been on the pitch for his elbowing incident in the Wigan game.

Full of incident

The incidents in the game included:

  • Terry’s hand ball near the start. To be fair it was hit at him very hard and looked like he was trying to move arm away
  • Torres disallowed goal – didn’t see much before the goal which was wrong. Got away with it there.
  • Vidic 2nd yellow card I thought was harsh. He was holding him off but he went down very easily. Maybe justified to go down with Vidic holding him off like that?? Disappointing to see some photos afterwards with some players surrounding the ref (even if he had a crap game) and also Vidic going head to head with the ref.

However, the main talking point post-match is all about the penalty – which was really soft – and also for Luiz and how he wasn’t sent off. He was given 1 yellow card but had a late challenge on Chicharito which went un-punished but also a cynical tackle on Rooney.


I suppose its karma. United are still in a strong position and will be a point clear of Arsenal if they win their game in hand. It will be interesting to see how Arsenal react after their Carling Cup final and also without Van Persie for 6 weeks and Fabragas and Walcott for a week or so.

Karma I guess??