12 apps of Christmas – overall a bit rubbish!

So the 12 apps of Christmas for 2010 has finished and I have been disappointed. There have been some rubbish things! I guess I can’t complain too much since its completely free.

Having a look at last years free apps, I think 2009 was a better selection.

Here is last years free apps:

  • Snow Patrol ‘An Olive Grove Facing The Sea’ (Song)
  • Alan Partridge ‘Knowing Me, Knowing Yule’ (TV Show)
  • JLS ‘Everybody In Love’ (Music Video)
  • Trivial Pursuit (iPhone Game)
  • Robbie Williams ‘Morning Sun – Live in Berlin’ (Music Video)
  • Lesbian Vampire Killers (Film)
  • Outnumbered Series 1 Episode 1 (TV Show)
  • Labyrinth (iPhone Game)
  • Leona Lewis ‘Happy’ (Music Video)
  • Peter And The Wolf (Film)
  • Let’s Golf (iPhone Game)
  • Foo Fighters ‘Wheels’ (Music Video)

I still have the Trivial Pursuit and Let’s Golf game. I played the Labyrinth game for awhile after getting it. The selection of songs/music videos was better too I think. There were some crap things though including the movie Lesbian Vampire Killers and Alan Partridge is ages old – although many people think its a “classic” – I just think its alright.

This year the free apps were:

  • Day 1: Cheryl Cole – Promise This (Song & Video Bundle)
  • Day 2: Father Ted – Christmas Special (TV Episode)
  • Day 3: Duran Duran – From Mediterranea With Love EP (Song Bundle)
  • Day 4: Fishing Kings (iPhone/iPad Game)
  • Day 5: Life of Pi – Yann Martell (iBook)
  • Day 6: Michael Bublé – A Holiday Gift For You EP (Song Bundle)
  • Day 7: Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times (Movie)
  • Day 8: Broken Sword – Shadow Of The Templars (iPhone/iPad Game)
  • Day 9: Kings Of Leon – Radioactive/Arizona (Song & Video Bundle)
  • Day 10: Doctor Who – The End Of Time Pt.1 (TV Episode)
  • Day 11: Mirror’s Edge (iPhone/iPad Game)
  • Day 12: David Guetta (Music Video Bundle)

I suppose if your a fan of Duran Duran/Michael Buble/Father Ted then you would think its a better selection than me. I tried the Fishing Kings game – rubbish. Broken Sword – boring, Doctor Who – only the 1st part, 2nd part isnt free! Mirror’s Edge is alright. Usually cost £2.99 and it looks quite nice when playing it on the iPad.

Overall its been a bit rubbish but I guess its free. Just not as good as last year!

Top 10 Movies of the year 2010

I have been thinking about the movies I have watched this year (or should I say last year). There have been some very good ones, some average and some rubbish. I have not seen some of the movies for ages so position of each movie in top 10 is kind of in no particular order – its approximate order!! The only thing for sure is Toy Story 3 is no.1!

  1. Toy Story 3
    A brilliant, fantastic movie. I laughed so much watching this. Its also emotional and sad.
  2. Easy A
    Excellent, funny clever movie. Really enjoyed. Emma Stone is brilliant.
  3. Social Network
    Really good movie. Excellent script. Well acted. No Facebook people were involved and the screenplay was adapted from a book about Facebook.
  4. Kick Ass
    Hit Girl is brilliant. The star of the movie. Pretty violent but it is “comic book violence”. Also a shock when you hear a girl say the “c” word
  5. How To Train A Dragon
    Great fun!!
  6. Due Date
    Not quite as good as Hangover but still very funny. A few LOL moments.
  7. Up In The Air
    I think this movie was just about in 2010?? (Quick check of IMDB and it was out January in the UK). George Clooney does basically just play George Clooney.
  8. The A Team
    Loved the tv show when I watched this as a kid and this was like a long episode with a much bigger budget!
  9. Catfish
    Very interesting movie. Claims to be 100% true – whether it really is, is up for debate.
  10. Inception
    Good movie but over-rated. Don’t know why people are so confused by it.

Just outside the top 10 are:

The Switch – some people may think its just another Jennifer Aniston rom-com but I enjoyed this. Jason Bateman is funny and the little kid is great!

Karate Kid – better than I expected. Really enjoyable.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World – Good movie but not as good as I hoped. Bit different than I expected. Great for geeks.

There are a few movies which a lot of people like but I havent seen – so can’t rate them. These include 127 hours, The Fighter, Harry Potter, Jackass 3D and Tron.

Some other movies I watched this year include:

  • When In Rome – only watched because of Kristen Bell who I think is adorable! Many people have rated this terribly. I thought it was alright
  • Valentine’s Day – kind of like Hes Just Not That Into You but a bit rubbish
  • Alice in Wonderland – didn’t like this. Made worse that I watched it in 3D – not really a fan of 3D.
  • Green Zone – bit like Bourne Identity -lite. It was alright
  • She’s Out Of My League – typically American teenage type of movie but I enjoyed this
  • Hot Tub Time Machine – funny movie. Was expecting it to be funnier though
  • Date Night – funny movie but mainly because of Tiny Fey and Steve Carroll
  • Losers – no brain action movie. Good fun
  • Iron Man 2 – good movie but no as good as the first one. No way near!
  • Knight and Day – very very average
  • The Other Guys – quite good. Will Ferrell is great!
  • The Expendables – so predictable. Rubbish!! Bruce Willis and Arnie were in it for about a minute
  • The Repo Man – crap
  • The Joneses – alright. Entertaining enough
  • Despicable Me – pretty funny but no way as good as other animations this year i.e. Toy Story 3, How To Train A Dragon
  • Salt – it was alright. Was expecting better. Angelina Jolie runs funny in this movie too – maybe shes too skinny??
  • Unstoppable – edge of seat entertaining. Denzel Washington hardly ever makes a bad movie.

One film most people seem to like is The Town which I didn’t like – almost fell asleep watching it.

I am sure you will all disagree with my choices!! 🙂