Sports Personality of the Year

Watched the Sports Personality of the Year. Watched it on delay (thanks to Sky plus) so skipped the cricket, bit of golf and horse racing so that was handy.


Very happy David Beckham won lifetime achievement award. Probably a few years too early though – think they should have waited till he retired. However, he is an absolute legend. A brilliant footballer and a top bloke. Great for him to mention Sir Alex Ferguson. Even better for him to mention and dedicate the award to all the troops in Afghanistan.

The main award was won by jockey Tony McCoy. I don’t know much about horse racing but his record is amazing. Phil “The Power” Taylor was in 2nd. The number of times hes won the world title (or whatever its called) is brilliant. I am happy for Jessica Ennis to come 3rd. Its been a great year for her, she comes across as a real nice down to earth girl and hopefully she can win in 2012.

Tony McCoy was massive favourite for the award and the result prove it – he won almost 42% of the votes!!

Going back to David Beckham – an emotion speech from him and from other people talking about him and what he has done etc. Becks was almost crying, Victoria was, (I was almost!! hehe). However, Cruz looked like he couldnt be bothered!! He really does look like a chav!!

One final thing to mention. Michael Johnson said something that I have thought before.  Today, we live in a time when there we get to see some true sporting greats – we are very lucky. He named Bolt, Messi, Williams sisters, Woods, Federer. Think that list should also include Schmacher (and I am sure others).

World Cup 2018/2022 – what a mess!

OK, so its been 1 week since the voting for the World Cup 2018/2022 and Russia and Qatar were selected by FIFA. I think things haved calmed down since the announcement but its still left a bad taste in the mouth.

England sore losers??

I am sure many people will think that England are being sore losers but I think we are well within our right to feel something is a bit “off”. (Blatter himself has called England “bad losers” today).
If you don’t know, England received just 2 votes and were knocked out of the first round. In a way, England gained just one vote because one was from the England representative. Thats 2 years of campaigning and £15m wasted!

The thing is the England were widely regarded as having the best bid technically. The bid video and the speeches from all the members of the team were well received and everyone seemed to think they had done a great job. How then, we only got 2 votes out of a total 22 is puzzling to say the least.Before I continue, I would like to say well done to Russia. I am sure they will do there best and it will be a good World Cup – I hope. Russia though has its problems – one being an infrastructure problem.

Blatter just wants to create a legacy

Its clear from this decision and what Sepp Blatter has said that he wants to create a “legacy” and take the World Cup to places round the world which have never had the World Cup before – thats why while hes been in charge its been in US, Korea, Japan and South Africa. The only ones missing was somewhere in “Eastern Europe” and somewhere in the Middle East. He has now done that with Russia and Qatar. He must want a Nobel Peace Prize or something!! This is so not a footballing decision. Hes not picking the best place to run the World Cup and where fans were likely to enjoy the football etc.I think from the start Blatter wanted the next World Cups in places like Russia and Qatar but with England getting so few votes it highlights something “dodgy”. The English media certainly didn’t help with the articles in the newspaper and the very recent Panoramo about corruption in FIFA. Apparently Sepp Blatter even warned FIFA delegates about England media before voting!!! That is not on if this is true!!!

Many people are blaming the media and saying if it wasnt for all these stories and TV programmes, we would have got the World Cup. Maybe they are right but it is in the public’s interest to know about this (even though people have suspected for years) and do we want to win it even if we know its all dodgy??? We dont want to ignore it all and be as corrupt as FIFA!!

As long as Sepp Blatter is running FIFA, we will never get the World Cup.

Going back to Qatar and being selected to host the 2022 World Cup. Personally I think its a crazy decision. Qatar was apparently classified as “high risk”. One obvious problem is the heat. The stadiums will be air-conditioned but outside the stadiums it will be about 40C!! Also, ALL the stadiums will be within a 40 mile radius of one another. Thats all the fans/tourists in one relatively small area. Another potential problem!! One rumour out there is that because of this heat, the World Cup could happen in January!?!? What a joke!

Something needs to change

The way the voting for the hosts of the World Cup really needs to change. However, would they want to?? It is 22 delegates who vote on who hosts. With so few people voting, it is open for corruption. It was made worst this time with 2 World Cup votes being done at the same time – I am sure there was a lot of “if  you vote for us, I will vote for you”! The system needs to change and all 208 national football associations need to be included in the ballot.

A few addition things I found out from this whole World Cup debacle.

  1. Looking at the full rundown of the WC2018 voting. 2 people who voted for Netherlands/Belgium in 1st round, changed to Russia in the 2nd Round. (But Netherlands/Belgium were still in at the point?? Odd.
  2. Paul the Octopus thought it would be England who would host the World Cup in 2018. He was wrong!!!! 🙁
  3. If this was a secret ballot, how come people knew the result a good 5-10 minutes before the announcement. There were “leaks” online i.e. Twitter, that Russia had won. (Apparently, Russia knew they had won 24 hours earlier).
  4. The Russian President couldn’t even be bothered to go to Zurich for the announcement but England had the future king, the Prime Minister and David Beckham. Loads of England fans were watching the announcement on big screens etc but in Russia hardly anyone – admittedly it was the coldest day of the year in Russia!