Gran Turismo 5 review (PS3). Good game but flawed

I pre-ordered Gran Turismo 5 the other week and it arrived a few days ago. I have played a good few hours – races, licenses, special events etc.

Overall its a good game but in some ways a letdown. Considering its been in development for 5-6 years I expected a lot more.

The game has good handling. The physics of the cars is great. Cars becoming unstable at high speed. Oversteering and understeering seems realistic etc. The graphics in some places are good but in some parts are a bit poor. Its noticeable in the In Car view that you can see jagged edges – whats that all about?!!

B-Spec Events – whats the point???

With B-Spec events, you basically become a race team manager and you create a driver. You then tell the driver to speed up, decrease pace etc. Am I missing something??

Slow menus!

One other thing I find annoying is the speed or rather lack of the game – by this I mean the menus and loading of the races. Changing from section to section in the game takes ages and when starting a race it takes even longer to “load”. I don’t know why it takes too long.

When I installed the game it asked if I wanted to install 8Gb of “game data” to speed up loading etc. What is the 8Gb doing? Would it have been even slower if I said “no”.

Another thing I notice in most races in crashing in the game. You can crash into a car at 100mph and you get no damage?? Also, the sound when you crash is RUBBISH!! It sounds like someone hitting a cardboard box?!? Also, for some reason after you crash the in game sound just drops in volume???


Its not gone too well since its launch with a patch just before (or on the day) of launch. There was another patch today. I think its to do with the online problems its been having. Not tried online yet as heard its had all sorts of problems – will wait a bit.

One bonus I have is that I bought the game from It meant I got the “stealth pack”. The 2 cars are basically race cars which are super fast! I can use the cars against “normal cars” in a few of the races. Its so much faster! In one race I managed to lap all the cars in a 5 lap race! (The 2 cars are the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and the Nissan GT-R GT500).

Did I buy the wrong game?

Like I said, its a good game and I like driving games so I enjoy it. However, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit may have been more “fun”??

PS – They made big deal about 1031 vehicles but about 800 of them are standard models just imported from previous Gran Turismos games.  That means only 20% of the cars look really great i.e. the Premium cars. The actual scenary looks good and the graphics are impressive

with the weather effects.