Spa Grand Prix

A pretty good race this weekend. Whenever it rains its makes it more interesting and stuff happens and our almost guaranteed rain in Spa.

Hamilton won with a great drive, Webber 2nd and Kubica showing what a good driver he is finishing 3rd. It was helped of course by Vettel taking out Button.

Button was in 2nd but stuggling for balance with damage to front wing. He was holding off Vettel well. However, Vettel made a silly move to overtake him. Went for the inside and then sharply turned to the outside which resulted in he sliding and crashing into Button. Vettel damaged front wing but Button was out.

It was not the only incident involving Vettel who seemed to be involved in all incidents! Vettel is clearly a talented driver and still very young but he crashes a lot and makes contact with other drivers an awful lot. Some people also say hes great when leading but when not at the front and he has to overtake people hes not that good. Unlike the likes of Hamilton, Alonso and Button hes not as good with the close “hand to hand” action.

2 horse race??

It was be interesting to see how the season pans out now. Is it now a 2 horse race?? There is still 6 races to go and thats 150 points. Ferrari will still go for it with Alonso but both McLaren and Red Bull have 2 drivers in the top 5 and the whole team orders issue. Will McLaren and Red Bull have to favour Hamilton and Webber now – even if they wont say it?? If it is a 2 horse race I hope Webber wins. Although Hamilton is British and should support him, I have never been the biggest Hamilton fan. Hes already won the championship and may well win more. Webber has never won it and this may be his last chance. He also comes across as a top bloke.

Things change quickly in F1 and a bad race for Hamilton/Webber and good one for Button/Vettel will change things again. Bring on Monza!!

PS – It was a real shame that Ruben’s 300th race ended with a DNF when he crashed into Alonso. He misjudged the wet conditions and sled into Alonso so was his fault but still a shame.

PPS – Note to BBC Sport. Your Formula 1 coverage is brilliant, love the F1 Forum with the extra coverage and interviews with drivers (once again Jenson Button gave a good interview – talking about getting the boxing gloves ready to face Vettel! :)) but Jonathan Legard is rubbish. I am not the only one with so many people complaining about his commentating.

PPPS – Why was Massa not penalised for overshooting his grid place at the start??

Inception review

So I watched Inception the other week. Everyone else had seen it and said it was brilliant. All the reviews I had seen and tweets on Twitter said it was amazing and no negative reviews. It even made it into the top 10 of IMDB.

Well I thought is was a good movie but just not brilliant. Its another movie which I think is over-rated. The previous one being Avatar. Lots of people are apparently confused and I have heard some people watch it twice or three times to try and understand it.

Now before I continue, if you havent watched Inception stop reading now as there will be some spoilers ahead.

Going back to how some people are confused. Its pretty much all explained in the movie what is happening. Basically a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream. The person who is the dreamer can be “in the dream”. I.e. this is why Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) was in the hotel and couldnt get into the “snow world” – was it the snow world??? As they go into another dream, the time is extended and slower (or faster??). Basically in the real world it may be 2 seconds, but in the dream world it will be an hour and then if someone dreams within a dream then it would be a bit longer e.g. 5 hours.

The movie had some nice special effects. Not many action scenes that were great apart from the zero gravity hotel hall fight.


However, there are a few questions un-answered. Not really crucial though:

** When they all woke up on the plane, why didnt Fisher recognise all the other people who were in his dream??
** How did Cobb find Saito in limbo?? Why is there a big age difference?
** Cobb said you cant touch or use someone elses totem. But he used his wife’s??
** In Yusuf’s dream the van is travelling through the city and falls off the bridge. This means in the hotel dream (Arthur’s), the gravity is all mess up. Why doesnt it effect Eame’s dream (the snow dream)??

And the BIG questions

** Did the totem stop spinning?? Christopher Nolan properly wants us to decide and think is he really in the real world or if the WHOLE thing was a dream!

If you are confused by Inception, here are a couple illustration. First is “the levels of Inception” and the other is Inception Timeline.

Levels of Inception