Antenna-gate – what a mess by Apple!!

So it is was the Apple conference a couple weeks about the iPhone 4 and it problems with the signal reception. Steve Jobs was very defensive about the iPhone 4 and its problems and basically saying other phones have problems if you “hold it wrong”, the media are making a big deal of it and making a mountain out of a mole hill and that Apple are still great and have made great products and just one “problem” and the media jump on their back.

Free cases for everyone …. till end of September

The outcome of the conference was that Apple will be giving away free bumper cases. With the bumper case, people will not be able to touch the bottom left part of the phone which causes the drop in signal. This is a bit of a crude workaround. Its a design flaw with the phone and this was proved by Consumer Reports shortly before the conference. They proved just “holding it wrong” that the signal can drop on the phone. I did’t expect their to be a recall. Recalls are only normally if its something dangerous and the phone isn’t exploding so that was unlikely. Another reason of course is the cost it would have cost Apple. Also, if there was a recall it would have properly taken a few weeks for people to get their phone back. Phones are essentially to people nowadays so being without their phone for a few days would be bad never mind a few weeks.

Software issue

Apple’s earlier excuse that it was a software issue was a loud of rubbish. They claimed that the formula used to calculate the signal strength was wrong and that it could be reported the signal strength 2 bars stronger than it really was. Apparently the formula used was being used in all previous versions of the iPhone – strange how its only noticed now!!

Its not just Apple…..

Jobs also said that ALL phones suffer from a drop in signal strength if you block the antenna and hold it wrong. He then proved it with a few phones. I have not seen how he held it but it is strange how it is only when the iPhone 4 is out that people notice signal strength problems. So many phones have been out in the past and no major issues. RIM, HTC and Nokia have “blasted back” at Apple saying they don’t have issues with their phones and the signal. One of the phones he demoed losing the signal was the HTC Droid and how it lost signal if you blocked/touched antenna. Difference is the antenna is at the top of the phone – not the normal place you hold it when you use the phone! In PC World’s words, “Apple’s iPhone Defense Is Total Nonsense”.

Did Steve Jobs know about the problem??

Soon after the conference it was revealed that a senior engineer told Steve Jobs the iPhone 4 could suffer from antenna and signal problems. Did Jobs just ignore it?? Is that why Apple started doing their own cases – did they know this would happen??

Could this be the start of a “end” for Apple. I don’t mean they will be no more but will this iPhone 4 mess still a slowdown in its comparatively recent growth?? Is Apple losing its touch?? We will see….

Steve Jobs has said that the iPhone 4 is the most successful Apple product in its history and that means its a “success”. It may have sold tons but thats because of the success and satisfaction with previous iPhones and the whole “Apple fanboy/girl” thing” and how they just buy Apple products because its Apple and just because its an iPhone. Here is an example of a video I found amusing showing a “typical Apple iPhone fan” just wanting a iPhone because its an iPhone.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not one of those people who just doesnt buy Apple products because its Apple. I don’t like how you can’t just install software you want on iPhone – it has to be through iTunes. I don’t like how its all so expensive. However, they do make nice products and I have an iPhone 3GS which I love.

When I heard about the iPhone 4 months ago I was looking forward to it, working out when my contract ended etc. Maybe I should even pay the cancellation fee to get it ASAP. However, I will now be waiting to see what happens. Maybe even for the iPhone 5. (Or maybe by then a HTC phone??).

(Apple have a $100m Antenna Design and Testing Lab – maybe they should ask for some money back!)

Apple’s iPhone Defense Is Total Nonsense

New BBC News site – still some problems with the width of text #bbcnewssite

The BBC News site has been updated today and its got a nice new clean look and various new features (

However, the width of the text in the articles is not right. Looking at the screenshot here the text isnt using the full width of the page?? I assume it will be fixed. Also, it will be interesting to see what they do with the videos on the news article pages – will they make them wider?? Whats with the gap on the right of the vid??? (See other screenshot).

Overall though I like the new web site. The BBC News site is one of my favourite sites and I visit it everyday so I hope they fix the minor issues.

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World Cup 2010 – team of the tournament

Although this world cup has overall been a bit average with plenty of boring games but some excellent games and good goals. A lot of the big players didn’t perform. Maybe it was the ball, tired after a long season, too much pressure??? The list of players who didn’t perform well and left earlier than expected are:

  • Kaka
  • Ronaldo
  • Drogba
  • Rooney
  • Van Persie
  • Torres
  • Messi (ish. He did play well in many games but didnt score)

The team of the tournament for me is:

Casillas; Ramos, Lucio, Puyol, Contreao, Schweinsteiger, Xavi, Sneijder, Ozil, Forlan, Villa

Honorable mentions to: Maicon (did he mean that goal??), Lahm, Pique, Sanchez, Villa, Eduardo, Ozil, Klose, Robben, Iniesta (tough to leave him out but other players better and points taken off for his diving), Muller (tough to leave him out too especially since hes top scorer). Also the Uruguay team who did very well considering their population is about 3million. (Properly several others I forgot).

Personally I agree with the people who voted for the Golden Ball (best player) as Forlan. He seems to be the only one who knew how to kick the Jubalani football.