Eurovision 2010

It was the Eurovision song contest at the weekend. Didnt really watch it as I know its rubbish. Heard some of it and saw the recap so could hear what all the songs sounded like – there were some awful songs. One of the worst was the UK entry.

I think there was probably worst songs than the UK entry but as it has been shown recently, it is all very political and the UK isnt that popular. The winner was Germany and it sounded pretty good to be honest. I don’t think the UK could afford to host the contest anyway even if we win!!

Apparently the Turkey entry was sung by a well established band who actually won some MTV Europe award. If we really wanted to win why not get a “proper” band in?? Maybe the UK organisers didnt want to win and thats why they got Pete Waterman involved!

Lost finale

Well the last episode has been screened now. It was shown at the same time here in the UK as in the US (LA time). That meant it started at 5am this morning. I had to avoid Twitter because it had already finished on the East coast of the US.

I was a big fan (as many people were) when it first started. It was a bit different and one of those shows you had to watch. However, it started to dip in form and around the 3rd season when it started its flashing back/forward and just leaving more and more things un-explained I got “Lost with Lost”. I think I missed some episodes around season 3 and 4 where nothing seemed to happen so I just read the recaps online. Also the “previous on Lost” bits seems to cover it all. Also the Youtube video which summarised the 1st 5 seasons of Lost in just over 8 minutes was handy and also showed that nothing much “really” happened. Heres the vid – Lost Season 1-5 Recap in 8 minutes 15 seconds.

Anyway, back to the finale. Now as I write this I am sure many people havent watched it. For a start, its not on here in the UK at a “normal” time until tomorrow night. Dont read on unless you have watched. It contains spoilers!! You have been warned!


Right, so to start with the whole thing isnt a dream. Thats one good thing! However, it left so much un-answered. The island is real and they did crash land on it. Basically the island has this “light” in the middle of it which seems to be its “power” (or something like that). The light turned Man In Black (Jacob’s brother) into the black smoke. This is the black smoke which was also “Flocke” – thats Fake Locke – since the real Locke is dead.

This season there has been the alternate universe. It wasnt clear if this was just what would have happened if they didnt crash. In the alt-universe, many of the Lost characters were linked or crossed each others path. Reading online this alt-universe is being called a FlashSideways. Anyway, this FlashSideways is some sort of world inbetween the real world and the afterlife. Its where people come after dying and before they are “ready” for the afterlife. In the last episode, it showed how people gradually started to realise about the alt-universe and about their previous life on the island. There paths crossed and when they interacted, they each slowly remembered it all.

The protector

One big thing about Lost this season has been Jacob and how he was the protector of the island. He was killed by his brother so there needed to be another protector. Most of the main characters were possible candidates. Jack volunteered and said he would do it. His first task was to “fix” the island after Desmond had gone “into the light” and pulled out some stone cork from the light. Jack managed to put the cork in but in the process died. This meant that Hurley became the new protector.

The remaining 6 people (apart from Hurley – the new protector – and Ben – his “No.2”) on the island managed to get the plane going and fly away from the island. Why did they not try and fly away before?? Was it because Jacob was stopping them?  I did quite like the very last scene with Jack lying (dying) on the floor (in supposedly in the same spot when he arrived on island) and he can see the plane in the sky with the “Ajira 6” people flying away from the island. His sacrifice wasnt for nothing. The camera pans into a close up of his eye and Vincent (the dog) is next to him looking cute. This is like the very first scene of Lost where it opens up with close up shot of Jack’s eye. The first thing he sees is Vincent. A nice complete circle in that respect and completes Jack’s journey and he can be content.

Unanswered questions

However, being Lost. It was all open to interpretation and I could have read into it all wrong.

Anyway, I was generally disappointed in the finale as it didnt really answer lots of questions.

  1. The Numbers – what was that all about? Why do they have to enter the numbers after 110 minutes. Why those particular numbers and why did they keep popping up everywhere
  2. The Polar Bear – what was that all about. Was it because it was something to do with Walt and his comic book? Which leads me to ….
  3. Walt – was he special in some way? It seems at the start that he had some sort of “link”. Like I just said, his comic book he was reading had a polar bear in it and then shortly afterwards a polar bear was seen. Is it just a red-herring like the kangaroo probably is in FlashForward??
  4. Egyptian symbols and statues – what was the deal with that and the various statues including the giant foot
  5. Charlies Widmore – what did he know about the island? What were his plans?
  6. Eloise Hawking – it was not explained more about her character and what she knew etc
  7. Why did Jonas and the Man in Black’s fake Mum kill there real Mum?? Or was she just mad??
  8. “The Others” – how did they get to the island? Had they always been there?
  9. How come woman can’t get pregnant on the island?
  10. Why did the Man in Black get turned into the smoke but not Jack or Desmond??
  11. At the end of season 5 Juliet said “It worked”. What worked?? Did it work?
  12. DUCT TAPE?!!? Seriously. Duct tape can fix a broken plane!?
  13. Where was Mr Eko? In the church near the end characters like Walt, Michael, Ana Lucia and many others were not there. Properly a case of negotiating actor deals but was a shame all the people missing. Also, where was Vincent?
  14. Why did Smokey turn Claire and Sayid to the dark side? Was it just so they “worked” for him?
  15. I know its Flash Sideways world but Locke gets out of major experimental surgery but is fine in what seems minutes of coming out of the surgery room and can walk no problem when he gets out of his wheelchair.

I know some of these points are picky and some of them I did not expect to be answered but the first  6 or 7 should have been explained!

There are lots of blogs and articles out there with different views and points made. Heres the links to some good ones:

Married Single Other cancelled :(

Married Single Other recently finished its 1st series and I enjoyed it. It was being called “the next Cold Feet”. It wasnt as good as cold feet but it had only just started with 6 episodes.

Tv companies here in the UK and in US recently seem to have a habit of stopping program which are popular!!

Maybe Channel 4, BBC or Five can buy rights?? ITV probably wanted the ratings to be stupidly unrealistic. They just want cheap, no brain, crap reality tv shows!! 🙁